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Spidey 2 Gets Bigger with Imax

Imax Corp. is in discussions with Sony Pictures to remaster SPIDER-MAN 2 for release in its large-format theaters, reports VARIETY. Imax is anxious to fill the empty spot in their lineup now that Warner Bros.' has pulled CATWOMAN from Imax because the visual effects won't be done in time to remaster the film for a day-and-date release July 23, 2004.

"When I do the Imax films, my policy is to go day-and-date," said Dan Fellman, president of distribution at Warner Bros. Pictures. "We had very late delivery of the elements (on CATWOMAN), and we can't go day-and-date, so we're not going to go at all."

"One of the great things we're learning is we're quite flexible," said Greg Foster, president of filmed entertainment at Imax. "When a production reality dictates that we need to move, our DMR technology is so nimble at this point that we're able to move on a dime. There is no reason why we can't be in a position to release six DMR releases a year."

The earliest the film would hit Imax theaters would be July 13, 2004.

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