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Spider-Man Comic Causes Nebraska Protest

A SPIDER-MAN graphic novel in an elementary school library in Millard, Nebraska, USA is causing some controversy, according to local TV station KETV Omaha (via

The comic in question, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: REVELATIONS, is apparently in high demand, but a mom is upset about what she considers the sexual content in the book. "It has a lot of sexual undertones," said Physha Svendsen. "They can learn this through any other place, but it's not something I allow them to learn, in my house, at least." Svendsen's 6-year-old son brought the comic home recently, and wants it removed. Head librarian for the district, Donna Helvering, said the comic was properly vetted.

"We look at books, as far as age-appropriateness, we look at books for readability and we make sure that we're buying books that are appropriate for all our kids," Helvering said.

Illustrations in the book show a female character in a bikini and a short skirt. Svendsen said she would hold onto the book at home until a review process is completed by a committee.