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Spider-Man Breaks First Day Sales Record

October 2002 saw Disney/Pixar's animated hit MONSTERS, INC. earn a one day sales record of 5 million video and DVD units, and now Columbia Tri-Star Home Entertainment has announced that SPIDER-MAN has sold an estimated 7 million DVDs and videocassettes on its first day (Friday, November 1, 2002), based on day-one reporting. Columbia Tri-Star Home Entertainment shipped over 40 million units worldwide, with orders for 26 million in North America alone. Based on the number of units in the marketplace, the studio is projecting 11 million DVDs and videocassettes to be sold in North America during its first weekend, generating more than $190 million in retail revenue. With first day record-breaking sales, SPIDER-MAN is on track to become the biggest selling DVD title in history. But Spidey better look out, because STAR WARS EPISODE II comes to DVD and home video in less than two weeks.