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Speedshape Creates Digital Assets for Team Detroit’s 2012 Ford Mustang Customizer

Team Detroit took this year's Ford Mustang Customizer to the next level, creating an interactive experience that not only invites users to help design their dream muscle car.

Press Release from Speedshape

Detroit/LA -- Team Detroit took this year's Ford Mustang Customizer to the next level, creating an interactive experience that not only invites users to help design their dream muscle car, but also gives their designs a life outside of the automaker’s website, in social media. The agency once again tasked Speedshape with transforming the car, options and accessories into high quality photo-real assets that capture the imagination of car enthusiasts and draw them into this immersive interactive experience.

A hybrid design/development company best known for its cutting-edge VFX-driven commercials, Speedshape has again shown how an artistic eye and technical ingenuity can transform traditional digital rendering from a process to a craft.  Rooted in animation, the company’s multi-disciplined team of designers and producers brings a level of artistry to computer imagery that is distinguishing Speedshape’s work in the digital arena.

Speedshape’s VFX team began the job at Ford’s live shoot, where they captured the HDRI environments for the three locations in which the 2012 customizer would reside. They then created all modular elements required to build the full range of trim levels, as well as the hundreds of accessories and options – including the wheels, grilles, Ford racing performance parts, factory and custom colors, body kits, and graphics.

After completing the modeling and data prep for each of four different models: The Mustang V6, GT, Boss 302 and the Shelby GT500, as well as the massive quantity of options, Speedshape took all the assets to a photo real finished quality, matching the lighting and environments captured during the shoot. 

 “Having a sophisticated approach to asset management and a fluid, customized pipeline in place is key to keeping a job of this scope efficient and cost-effective - and maintaining the same pristine photographic quality and lighting values for every asset, ” says Speedshape’s CG Supervisor, Mike Ward. “We integrated back-plate images to maximize the flexibility and intuitive functionality of the Customizer.” 

 “Our focus on the management and maintenance of files, scripts and software ensures that our scalable assets can be repurposed and seamlessly integrated, year after year, without running into software or hardware conflicts,” added Ward.

Team Detroit fully loaded this year’s Customizer with new features that make playing around with the infinite combinations of colors, accessories and options almost a video game-like experience.Once completed, cars can be posted on Facebook where users can opt to go into ‘battle mode’ and compete against each other for top ranking based on the number of votes their design receives from other participants. 

 “Speedshape and Team Detroit have built a strong creative partnership over the last few years. It’s great to work with a client that collaborates with us throughout the creative process, and is so committed to making each generation of the Customizer more innovative and cutting-edge than the year before,” says Speedshape's Executive Producer, Mike Albert. 

Speedshape provided all of the layered CG assets, 2D smoke and burnout graphics for the website and delivered final layered files for all parts, stripes and decals and delivered it to Firstborn where the live site was developed and programmed.

ABOUT SPEEDSHAPE: (Speedshape/CGI + VFX  | Speedshape/Interactive Design + Development  | Speedshape/3D Stereo Film) Speedshape is a multi-disciplined CG/VFX, Interactive and 3D Stereo company dedicated to providing advertising agencies, brands and motion picture clients with innovative creative content in a seamlessly integrated full-service creative environment tailored to their specific needs.  Our collective of multi-talented artists, designers, digital strategists and producers bring artistry and technical ingenuity to the creative development and crafting of inspired visual content.

 Since the launch of our flagship Detroit-based facility in 2003, our award-winning company has expanded its footprint with satellite divisions in New York, Venice Beach and London, creating an open-architecture national - and global - creative network that traverses all platforms with cutting-edge content.

Speedshape’s clients include General Electric, Mercedes Benz, Sports Authority, Bosch, Ford Motor Company, Jack Daniels and Duncan Hines. Our recently launched 3D Film division debuted its services with The Weinstein Company’s feature films, Spy Kids: All The Time in The World and most recently Escape From Planet Earth and Piranha 3DD.

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Ford Motor Company

Project: 2012 Ford Mustang Customizer

Ad Agency:

Team Detroit Project Manager: Chris Steele Program Manager: Amy Daneke Account Manager: Andrea Gontina JWT Account: Anthony Biondo Information Architect: Stacie Sheldon ZAAZ Analytics: Reem Anani Tech Lead: Chad Dattilio Strategy: Amanda Douglas Creative: Jennifer Powers Creative: James Robinson CreativeSue Driscoll Art Buyer: Kim Harris

CGI Design + Production: Speedshape (Detroit/NY/Venice Beach/London) Executive Producer: Mike Albert CG Supervisor:  Mike Ward CG Supervisor:  Linden Vennard Producer:  Dawn Giddings Technical Director:  Jared Tripp Designer:  Josh Hamman Designer:  Cory Brent Designer:  Rob Braithwaite

Digital Production: Firstborn/NY