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Speed Racer Comic Book Creator

Planetwide Media and Speed Racer Enterprises today announced the debut of SPEED RACER COMIC BOOK CREATOR 2 interactive entertainment software.

Classic characters such as Speed Racer, Racer X, Pops, Trixie, Chim Chim, Spritle, Sparky and the Mach 5 are featured.

SPEED RACER COMIC BOOK CREATOR 2 lets the fan create their very own personalized Speed Racer Digital Comic Book with officially licensed Speed Racer art, backgrounds, icons, screen shots, video clips and audio.

SPEED RACER COMIC BOOK CREATOR 2 comes bundled with PD Particles, a comprehensive and self-contained painting tool with a focus on Particle Brushes.

Fans can easily create fascinating original artwork from a variety of illustration and special effects based on painting with particles and bristles, such as magical lighting effects, hair, fireworks and waterfalls.

Another prominent application inside SPEED RACER COMIC BOOK CREATOR 2 is Audacity, an easy-to-use audio editor and recorder that provides the ability to record live audios, and digital recordings or sound effects, music, and embed a users own narration into their comic book creations.

Users will also be able to import, edit and combine sound files with other files or new recordings.