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Special Hanna-Barbera retrospective screenings

The Museum of Television and Radio in New York and Los Angeles hosts aretrospective of Hanna-Barbera's television series with a series of60-minute screenings. The series includes SCOOBY-DOO, THE FANTASTIC FOUR,SPACE GHOST, SUPERFRIENDS, JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS, MAGILLA GORILLA, TOPCAT, RICOCHET RABBIT, and YOGI BEAR. The new Spumco/Cartoon Network YOGIBEAR shorts have sparked a debate among fans regarding the quality ofHanna-Barbera's YOGI BEAR shorts in particular, and Hanna-Barbera'stelevision output in general. Here's a rare chance to see many of the filmsand judge their entertainment value for yourself. The screenings arecurrently taking place and will continue through November 7. For moreinformation contact: Los Angeles: 465 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, Tel.(310) 786-1000; New York: 25 West 52 Street, New York, Tel. (212) 621-6600.