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Spazzco Nets 3 Toon Deal With Cartoon Network Online

Spazzco, a San Francisco-based animation studio, has signed on to produce three original Web Premiere Toons for Cartoon Network Online. TIME-E-LAPSE will uncover the dos and donts of time travel. JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF MY DOGS HEAD answers the question what is my canine thinking? THE BICKLESHNOTZ COUNTY FLYING CLUB recalls the exploits of some of the worlds most outlandish aviators. Sam Register, vice president/creative director of Cartoon Network Online, said, "Spazzco has a real understanding of classic cartoon production. This, coupled with their edge and sense of humor, made them the perfect company to produce flash animation for Cartoon" Dana Muise, Spazzcos creative director, summed up the small animation studio by stating, "Spazzco is a lean and green animation studio -- one of the first shops dedicated exclusively to Web cartoons. Every Friday all artists are required to speak in Scooby voice. It's not easy, but they'll thank me years from now."

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