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Southpaw Launches TACTIC 3.5 with New UI and Workflow Enhancements

Southpaw Technology, a leading developer of production asset management (PAM) technology for digital entertainment and enterprise companies, announced the immediate availability of TACTIC 3.5.

Press Release from Southpaw Technology

Toronto, Canada – Southpaw Technology, a leading developer of production asset management (PAM) technology for digital entertainment and enterprise companies, announced the immediate availability of TACTIC 3.5. The new version delivers a range of features designed to enhance the user experience and speed the production process, including a more customizable interface, out-of-the-box user templates, new visual workflow editors, and more powerful project automation tools. Southpaw Technology will be showing off TACTIC 3.5 and all of its latest features at NAB 2011.

TACTIC is the only solution to combine powerful asset management and production management functionality into one highly customizable, Web-based system. Battled-tested in some of the most demanding creative environments, TACTIC enables vast teams of digital artists and animators to efficiently store, track, find and move digital assets through the creation process. With its focus on productivity and the user experience, TACTIC 3.5 makes it even easier for teams to get up and running, and to automate the process of moving assets from one step in a production to the next.

“Securing your digital files and making them easier to find in immense databases is only one way in which a production asset management system like TACTIC can speed digital productions,” said Gary Mundell, CEO of Southpaw Technology. ”Companies must also be able to efficiently move digital assets from one individual and one step, to the next. With TACTIC 3.5, we put a lot of effort into features that do just that without forcing companies into a rigid workflow.”

TACTIC 3.5 features:Upgraded User Interface - The UI can now contain multiple views in the same TACTIC session, which enables users to do far more without having to refresh their screen. The interface can also be customized to match a company’s brand.

New User Work Area - A new user work area provides a central, intuitive sandbox where notes can be added to files, task information can be updated and most importantly, files can be checked in and out.

New Visual Project Schema Editor – TACTIC 3.5’s new Project Schema editor allows users to quickly define the core elements of a project that will ultimately factor into the workflow.

Enhanced Project Workflow Editor – The new Project Workflow Editor allows users to visually create more automated workflows complete with event triggers and notifications.

Project Automation Interfaces – TACTIC’s new Project Automation Interfaces provide a simple screen for setting up automated triggers, notifications, file naming and more.

New Project Templates – Out-of-the-box project templates from many different business verticals help users get up and running faster.

Enhanced Tasks and Notes – Enhanced task and notes widgets make it even easier to access pertinent production and file information.

Upgraded Performance – Optimizations to TACTIC’s server side and client side have significantly improved its overall performance and the performance of API interactions.

AvailabilityTACTIC 3.5 is available immediately for licensing. To arrange a demonstration of TACTIC 3.5 at NAB 2011 or online, please contact Mary Jane Mundell at For more information, visit

About Southpaw Technology Inc.Southpaw Technology provides production asset management solutions to the media & entertainment and enterprise markets. Available as a web-based solution for Mac OSX, Windows and Linux, TACTIC combines all the asset and production management functionality teams, departments and companies need to keep digital productions on track and on budget, including asset management, project management, workflow management and communication tools. For more information, please visit

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