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Soup2Nuts' Hey Monie Pays First Visit To Black Network

HEY MONIE will reach a new audience as the series produced by Soup2Nuts debuts as the first animated comedy on BET (Black Entertainment Television) Tuesday, March 4 at 8 pm. The first network animated series based on an African-American woman and her friends started as a short on Oxygen's X-CHROMOSOME. Oxygen has been airing it as a series of shorts and has partnered up with BET and Soup2Nuts to turn it into a half-hour program. Oxygen will also be airing the shows in summer 2003. The comedy explores the life and longings of a single, African-American, professional woman, Simone, determined to overcome the obstacles in her path. She shares her trials and triumphs with her neighbor Yvette. Angela Shelton, the voice of Simone, and Frances Callier, who does Yvette, are best friends and next-door neighbors in real life as well as veteran improv actresses from Second City Chicago. Creator/producer/exec producer Dorothea Gillim says their friendship gives a ring of honesty to the show. The voice cast also includes Bill Braudis, Melissa Bardin Galsky, Dwayne Perkins, Brendan Small and Sam Seder. Soup2Nuts is the innovative animation studio in Watertown, Massachusetts, responsible for shows such as DR. KATZ: PROFESSIONAL THERAPIST, SQUIGGLEVISION and THE DICK AND PAULA CELEBRITY SPECIAL. Soup2Nuts ( grew out of Tom Snyder Productions, an educational software business and is now owned by Scholastic Entertainment. To check out more programming from Oxygen go to and BET, a division of Viacom, can be found at

Oxygen's flagship showcase of animation, X-CHROMOSOME is designed to bring the female viewpoint to television. Heather Kenyon reveals that it is doing even more than that.