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Sony Releases New 'Amazing Spider-Man' Scene

Sony has released another trailer for the Mark Webb remake of “The Anmazing Spider-Man.”

Sony isn't letting up on its push for The Amazing Spider-Man, which arrives in theaters on July 3.

Just twelve days after premiering a new trailer for Marc Webb's Spider-Man remake, Sony has released another new trailer, complete with a death-defying bit of heroism performed by Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) on the Williamsburg Bridge.

The new scene features C. Thomas Howell as a dad hoping Spider-Man can stop his son from falling to his death after The Lizard (Rhys Ifans) makes a mess of the famed New York bridge.

Check out the extended trailer, below, which doesn’t add many plot details, but does feature a much longer look at the film’s slam-bang action sequences:

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Jennifer Wolfe is Director of News & Content at Animation World Network.