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Sony Pictures TV International Launches Animax Mobile

Sony Pictures Television International (SPTI) announced the launch of Animax Mobile in Canada and Australia to kickoff a global roll-out of a "dedicated mobile version" of Sony's popular Japanese anime channel that currently can be seen across Asia, Central Europe, Germany, and Latin America on TV via cable and satellite providers. Animax Mobile is specifically designed for mobile TV viewing using mobile streaming technology and targets users ages 14-34. Australia launched the service on 3 mobile on June 12, while Bell Mobility in Canada is slated to begin offering the service to users of 3G handsets with mobile video streaming capability in July.

Marie Jacobsen, who is SPTI's executive vice president, programming and production, international networks, shared the details. She stated that "Animax Mobile is the ideal launch pad for SPTIs multi-platform network strategy. Tailor-made for todays young adult mobile consumer, Animax Mobile builds on the brand loyalty of Animax and extends the consumer experience to a vast and loyal fanbase seeking anytime anime content and culture in current and emerging markets."

At launch, Animax Mobile will offer a two-hour loop of four full-length anime series, BLOOD+, LAST EXILE, ROD THE TV, and THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO. The series will be packaged with unique interstitial material, made-for-mobile trivia elements and the award-winning Animax graphic package. Short-form, cult animation series such as PETEY AND JADEY and relevant regional product such as TECHNOMAX and IMAGENATION from Animax Asia showcasing the hottest new gadgets and real-life creative masterminds behind anime, movie special effects and videogames will be highlighted. Bonus features include program guides and customized music.

Animax Mobile is a dedicated channel for mobile handsets and is not a rebroadcast, simultaneous co-transmission or cut-down version of an existing television channel. Added Bill Sanders, vice president, mobile network programming, "Its not about the big screen vs. the little screen. Often, its a choice of small screen vs. no screen at all, and with Animax Mobile, were able to bring some of Animaxs most valuable programs to fans new and old at times and in places where they couldnt see them before."