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Sony Pictures Imageworks Is Using Its Alienbrain

NXN Software's alienbrain VFX digital asset and production management system is now being implemented by Sony Pictures Imageworks for the production of visual effects, digital character animation and full-length CG motion pictures including the upcoming films THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and THE POLAR EXPRESS. Sony Pictures Imageworks has deployed NXN alienbrain VFX studio-wide to track motion-capture data, 3D models, rendered film clips and digitized live-action plates in upcoming productions. Among other capabilities, NXN alienbrain VFX enables Imageworks' teams to track the dependencies between scenes, models and textures, manage large amounts of film frames efficiently and optimize versioning and archiving for all digital assets. NXN alienbrain is the most widely used asset management software for video games and was specifically adapted for computer animated feature films and high-end visual effects productions.