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Sony Pictures Classics To Bring Flying Daggers to States

Sony Pictures Classics has acquired the North American rights to Zhang Yimou's HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS, which is screening out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival. Yimou's last film the highly anticipated Academy-Award nominated HERO will be released by Miramax in the U.S. August 20, 2004.

Sony Pictures Classics in a statement said, "This is our sixth film from a filmmaker regarded as one of the very best in the world. It is an honor and thrill for us to be working once again both with Zhang Yimou and our good friend, his producer, Bill Kong."

Starring Zhang Ziyi (CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON), Takeshi Kanishiro (CHUNGKING EXPRESS), Andy Lau (LEGEND OF THE DRUNKEN MASTER) and produced by Bill Kong (HERO), the film is a story of love and betrayal with secret societies vying for the loyalty of the emperor. Set in the year 859AD as China's once flourishing Tang Dynasty is declining, two local captains, Leo (Lau) and Jin (Kanishiro) are ordered to capture the new leader. Captain Jin will pretend to be a lone warrior called Wind and rescue the beautiful, blind revolutionary Mei (Ziyi), from prison, earning her trust and escorting her to the secret headquarters of the House of Flying Daggers.

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