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Sony Pictures Announces New Management Structure

John Calley, chairman and CEO, Sony Pictures Entertainment has announced that company veterans Amy Pascal, chairman, Columbia Pictures; Jeff Blake, president, worldwide marketing and distribution, Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group; and Yair Landau, president, Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment have been promoted to vice chairmen, Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE). As vice-chairmen of SPE, they will share all day-to-day responsibilities formerly belonging to the COO, while retaining their current roles and titles within their divisions. All three report to Calley. Sony stated that the move is geared to solidifying and streamlining operations to further a collaborative management process at the company. "After much speculation, I am delighted to be able to officially acknowledge our new team," commented Calley. "These three are largely responsible for our record-breaking year. Their skills are highly complementary with Amy, Jeff and Yair each playing at the top of their games. Amy's motion picture slate is the strongest in industry history. Jeff is widely regarded as the best there is in the distribution business and he's turned around our marketing operation. Yair is successfully leading our way into the digital future." In 2002, Sony and Columbia Pictures enjoyed record-breaking success with such films as SPIDER-MAN (biggest opening weekend ever and 5th largest domestic grossing film of all time), MEN IN BLACK II, MR. DEEDS and PANIC ROOM.