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Sony Pictures Animation Readies For Trip To Shangri-La

Sony Pictures Animation has acquired a pitch from FAST AND THE FURIOUS screenwriter Gary Scott Thompson that takes place in the mythical paradise of Shangri-La. Known for edgy material, Thompson, whose credits also include HOLLOW MAN, might not be the most obvious choice for animated fare. But Sony Animation VP Penney Finkelman Cox explained, "Thats exactly what makes Garys point of view as a writer so appealing to our creative instincts. He has an incredible talent for taking the best elements of a fantasy world and translating them into a great story that has appeal to the broadest possible audience." The story is said to be akin to the film LOST HORIZON, and features two dogs who question what it means to be immortal as they journey to the mythic paradise known as Shangri-La. Thompson will write a script based on his initial pitch and meeting with the animation team. Formed in May 2002 and led by executives Sandra Rabins and Penney Finkelman Cox, Sony Pictures Animation, working in close concert with visual effects division Sony Pictures Imageworks, is responsible for the development and production of CG features for Sony Pictures Entertainment.