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Sony Online Ent. to Offer SOE Comic Book Creator

Fans of Sony Online Entertainment's highly acclaimed Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games EVERQUEST, EVERQUEST II and PLANETSIDE, will now be able to share their online experiences with fellow guild members and friends by creating personalized digital comicbooks starring their online avatars using the SOE Comic Book Creator.

Comic Book Creator, developed by Planetwide Games, may be purchased and downloaded from Sony Online Ent.s Station Store ( for $34.99. This version of Comic Book Creator includes the base software, as well as art assets from EVERQUEST, EVERQUEST II and PLANETSIDE.

Consumers may use this self-publishing interactive software program to take game screenshots, DVD movies, digital photos or art assets and create personalized comicbooks and comic strips.

In development for later in the year is special a web-enabled version of Comic Book Creator for subscribers of the Station Players service. Station Players is the official online service that connects players to the EVERQUEST and EVERQUEST II communities. This web-based suite offers gives players incredible access to their characters and guilds by merging the game world with the World Wide Web. Station Players features include Guild websites and tools, character profiles, personal images, screen shot galleries, leader boards and advanced game data.

Key Features of Comic Book Creator:* Contains some 500 pieces of digital content from EVERQUEST, EVERQUEST II and PLANETSIDE, including characters, backgrounds, images, artwork, logos and more.

* SOE Comic Book Creator is compatible with most digital images, including any jpeg, bmp, or gif image file.

* SOE Comic Book Creator features more than 500 unique layout and design templates, nearly 50 types of text balloons, action text, regular text, caption boxes and clipart providing users with nearly endless options in creating their own SOE game-based comics.

* Users can print out hard copies of their comics to their home printer or export their comics into a range of formats and even send it to friends via e-mail.

For more information on the Station Players service, visit For further information on Comic Book Creator, visit