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Sony Lands Superman’s Return

As expected, Sony Pictures Imageworks got the SUPERMAN RETURNS gig after Warner Bros. took it away from ESC Ent., forcing it to close shop and go on hiatus, reports HOLLYWOOD REPORTER.

Former Imageworks staffer Mark Stetson, who is supervising vfx for Warner Bros., was instrumental in helping Sony beat out ILM in the bidding.

Director Bryan Singer will helm SUPERMAN RETURNS beginning early next year in Australia, with relative unknown Brandon Routh (GILMORE GIRLS an WILL & GRACE) in the lead. An internal vfx supervisor has not yet been selected at Imageworks, which expects to create approximately 800 CGI shots, comparable to the work done for SPIDER-MAN 2.

Imageworks announced that it is also performing vfx shots for Columbia Pictures GHOST RIDER, with Oscar-winner Kevin Mack serving as vfx supervisor.