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Sony Computer Entertainment Collaborates With Jet Li On New Video Game

Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. is developing RISE TO HONOR (working title), an action-adventure game inspired by the cinematic styling of the Hong Kong action movie genre, exclusively for the PlayStation2 computer entertainment system. Sony Computer Entertainment's Foster City Studio will collaborate with action star Jet Li (THE ONE, KISS OF THE DRAGON, LETHAL WEAPON 4, SHAOLIN TEMPLE) on the game, which will immerse players into a series of lethal missions extending from Hong Kong to San Francisco. Adding to the realism of the action, RISE TO HONOR will incorporate the signature movements of Jet Li into the game through motion-capture. Fight choreographer Cory Yuen, who has partnered with Li on many projects including THE ONE, KISS OF THE DRAGON and LETHAL WEAPON 4, is working with the development team to choreograph the action sequences for RISE TO HONOR. In addition to his motion-capture performance, Li is providing voiceover for the main character in the game, as well as contributing to the creative direction of the project. "Working with the Foster City Studio team to create a game for PlayStation 2 has been an exciting experience -- very different from making a movie," said Jet Li. "The motion-capture system allows for extremely realistic movements and, in addition, we were able to use a lot of actions in the game that we can't normally put in a film. The results in the final game should provide the player with a genuine feel for the action." The game is schedule for a fall 2003 release.