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Something Fishy From SecondSun

SecondSun Entertainment has teamed with Revolution Studios and Columbia Pictures to screen its new animated short cartoon, SOMETHING FISHY, together with the film THE MASTER OF DISGUISE, starring Dana Carvey, now in theaters. The 3-minute short, about a little shrimp and his position in the food chain, was produced by SecondSun Entertainment's 3D-animation division, Brainchild Studios, and was directed by Ed Konyha. The film was chosen by Revolution Studios from over 300 short cartoons that were submitted. SecondSun CEO Roy Trivett said, "We have been building our animation skills and talent base steadily, and SOMETHING FISHY will showcase to audiences and producers what we can do in the 3D animation realm." SecondSun Entertainment is a new animation company created by the merger of three divisions; Delaney and Friends Productions (2D animation) Brainchild Studios (3D animation) and Furious Entertainment (interactive games).