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Solventdreams Adds 2k Workflows, Partners with Cranium

Post-production boutique Solventdreams will now have in-house 2k scanning for film and television workflows through a strategic partnership with Cranium Filmworks.

The new service gives producers a cost effective in-house 2k digital intermediate with VFX integration for the price of HDCAM-SR digital intermediates.

Solventdreams Managing Director David Davidson said, "It's not unusual to see distributors and studios pick up film-originated projects, and the festival acquisition numbers show that filmmakers gain an intangible advantage lensing film. We believe audiences will always crave the sensuous depth and indescribable narrative authenticity that film affords."

At the helm of the 2k scan is veteran colorist Matt McFarland from Cranium Filmworks, with past experience as DP, scan manager and colorist for Riot Pictures/Ascent Media. McFarland has shepherded several film-originated 2k digital intermediates to all lab processes. For film recording and prints, Solventdreams and Cranium maintain strategic partnerships with renowned laboratories such as Efilm/Deluxe, Alpha Cine, and Ascent's Cinetech.

To accommodate the new resolutions, Solventdreams recently outfitted it's two theaters with matching DLP projectors that support both TV and film standards. Post firms such as Efilm, Fotokem, Technicolor, NBC, and ABC employ the same high resolution units.