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Sole Animator Pumps Away at CGI Short

British animator Faraz Hamed hopes to demonstrate good use of CGI and cartoony timing in his recently completed short film, PUMPING TYRE (PUMPING TIRE). The sole animator and director, Hamed squeezed in time during lunches and after work for a period of six months to animate and composited two-minute 40-second film in 3ds max.

The film features an old man is marooned in the desert by a flat tire on his car. "Battling the heat of the sun and loneliness of the sandy wilderness, the fussy old man struggles to escape out of his predicament, only to suffer a great humiliation," is how its creator describes the film viewable at

Catching time to work on it was difficult Hamed said, especially since he is married. "There as a period when I had to change jobs and lost some work in the process. That was hard. But the hardest part was using my time wisely and juggling it with social commitments." When faced with getting together with people or working alone or confining himself to a computer, he said he found it sad to make that decision. "I had to make that sort of commitment to the project, to ensure it would be finished and meet my high standards."

"Often you fail to see your own mistakes," Hamed said, when working on a project so intently. He relied upon friends working at Framestore in London for feedback as well as his teacher, Michael Dudok de Wit (Academy Award-winning film FATHER AND DAUGHTER).