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The SoHo Gallery for Digital Art: Animation Festival 2012 – Animation Challenge 2012

Announcing the SoHo Gallery for Digital Art's Animation Festival 2012!

Press Release from SoHo Gallery for Digital Arts

New York (May 29, 2011) - Announcing the SoHo Gallery for Digital Art's Animation Festival 2012! We love and support animation of all kinds, digital or not: hand-drawn, stop motion, rotoscoped, whatever you medium you work in (as long as it can be screened digitally), we're fine with it. This juried festival is presented as motivation, inspiration, encouragement and maybe a leg up for all those working in the field and hey, it's a chance to get your work reviewed, screened and have “Award-Winning Film” put before its name.

We're dividing animation into four categories, by content not format: FUNNY, DRAMATIC, EROTIC and ABSTRACT. Funny should make us laugh, dramatic should make our hearts race or bring tears to our eyes, erotic should turn us on (there is a distinction between erotica and porn, but it's in the eye of the beholder – no images of children please, but otherwise anything goes), and Abstract should make us say “wow, look at that!”

And now the SURPRISE TWIST! We're doing something we haven't seen done in any animation festival before. We're calling it an ANIMATION CHALLENGE and here's the low-down: You've heard of Judy Garland? Wizard of Oz and all that? On November 21st, 1946, she appeared on the old time radio show SUSPENSE, in an episode called “Drive-In.”

The ANIMATION CHALLENGE is to use the audio from “Drive-In” as the audio track for a minimum of five minutes of animation. You can download the audio at The only caveat is that since we don't have the rights to Judy Garland's image, the character she plays cannot look like Judy Garland. Otherwise we'll look at anything, but keep in mind that you're auditioning for a contract on the full-length version, yes, you read that right, so keeping it commercial (whatever that means) would be a good idea.

Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with, and good luck!  More info at