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SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.4.0 to Demo in N.Y. and L.A.

Softimage Co. announced that it will premiere its SOFTIMAGE|XSI version 4.0 software at industry events in New York and Los Angeles on June 28 and July 13, respectively. The events - sponsored by HP and Intel Corp., and part of Softimage's "i am 4 power" campaign - will feature product demonstrations of SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.4.0 software running on the latest technology from HP, Intel and NVIDIA Corp. In addition, some of Softimage's most prestigious customers will share their thoughts on the unique strengths of the SOFTIMAGE|XSI system.

Postproduction facility owners, 3D artists and other attendees will be the first to experience the SOFTIMAGE|XSI software running on HP's dual processor workstations - which feature the powerful PCI Express architecture. HP's dual processor workstations will be equipped with the latest Intel Xeon processors with Intel Extended Memory 64 technology and also feature new NVIDIA Quadro FX professional graphics solutions based on PCI Express. Together, these technologies can provide more efficient memory access speeds and increases in system performance that significantly streamline time-consuming animation tasks such as modeling, texturing, and rendering.

"Intel is pleased to be working with Softimage and proud to sponsor these important events," said Melissa Laird, director and general manager of Intel's Software Enabling division. "The combination of the latest computing architecture from Intel with premier animation and visual effects applications, such as SOFTIMAGE|XSI, empowers professionals to use leading-edge technology for processing-intensive tasks and gives them more time to focus on the creative aspects of their work."

"The combined strength of HP workstations and SOFTIMAGE|XSI - coupled with the latest PCI Express architecture - promises a launch event that will be a significant showcase of the latest technology available to today's power 3D user," said Jim Zafarana, vp of worldwide marketing, HP Workstation Group Business Unit. "HP is proud to provide a high performance platform on which to create 3D content."

During the events, guest speakers from leading film studios, postproduction houses and gaming companies - such as Industrial Light & Magic (HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN, VAN HELSING), UV/PHACTORY (GE, AT&T), and Valve (HALF-LIFE series) - will discuss how SOFTIMAGE|XSI software has enabled them to work more productively and creatively. In addition, Softimage will offer demonstrations that focus on the competitive advantages of using the SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.4.0 platform in real-world production environments, as well as explore new enhancements in the software - including character set-up and rigging, non-destructive workflow and the industry's only fully integrated implementation of mental ray v.3.3.

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Softimage Co. (, a subsidiary of Avid Technology Inc. (, is an industry leader in 3D animation, 2D cel animation, compositing and special effects software designed to address the demands of the film and commercial/broadcast and games/interactive industries. SOFTIMAGE|XSI software, an integral player in Avid's Make, Manage and Move Media strategy, is the flagship product offering from Softimage. It is the industry's first 3D nonlinear production environment, providing animators and digital artists the freedom to make professional animation, visual effects and games - from major motion pictures, to cartoons and commercials, to animated content for video games and Websites.