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Softimage|XSI v2.0 Ships

Softimage|XSI v2.0 software, the latest version of Softimages nonlinear animation system, has been released. New features of Softimage|XSI v2.0 include a fully scriptable integrated compositor featuring more than 100 film quality effects (8, 16 and 32 bits per channel), updated rendering technology, an integrated dynamics simulator for creating short and long hair and fur for humans, animals or other characters, with advanced capabilities for grooming, photo-realistic rendering and interaction between hair and its environment. Also includes 3D text generation, synoptic view, real-time shaders, 3D Web authoring and a software developer's kit allowing v2.0 users the ability to build their own seamlessly integrated toolsets for XSI, through either scripted operators or compiled plug-ins based on a common API and standard languages. Softimage|XSI v2.0 is shipping on Linux, alongside current versions on the Windows NT, Windows 2000 and IRIX platforms.