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Softimage|3d To Contain Gamecube Tools Package

Softimage has created advanced tools to support the creation of new titles for the Nintendo GameCube console. This is the result of a six-month collaborative effort by Nintendo and Softimage to define a suite of new features in the SOFTIMAGE|3D system that leverage the run-time capabilities of the Nintendo GameCube. Among the new features in this version are: multiple UV texturing; interactive normal editing, allowing designers to interactively edit selected shading normals on polygon mesh models; polygon hide / unhide; enhanced vertex colour shading; and dopesheet control for shader and custom fcurve. "Through the continued close collaboration between the R&D teams of Nintendo and Softimage, we've been able to provide game developers on the cutting edge with a higher level of richness and flexibility," said Michael Stojda, managing director of Softimage. "Nintendo has always been a strong user of Softimage products. We are proud that they are using this new version of SOFTIMAGE|3D to produce their upcoming Nintendo GameCube release titles." Nintendo's Hisashi Yuasa, general manager licensing department, said, "Softimage has provided development tools which have helped us challenge the current definition of interactive video game experiences, while meeting the demands of our developers. For over six years, Softimage tools have contributed to several of our most successful titles with a graphical richness and intensity that would be difficult to achieve otherwise."

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