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Softimage Games Incubator Program

You've got a great idea for a game. You're setting up a new company and need the best games pipeline up and running as soon as possible. Softimage is here to help bring your vision to life.

The Softimage Games Incubator Program, in conjunction with DEVELOP Magazine, gives you access to Softimage software for a three-year period with no payments in the first year. This allows you to keep your start up funds focused on producing your game -- not your tools. Invest in the best talent and start creating, instead of worrying about paying for software to start up.

"The Incubator program is interesting as it provides an incentive for independent and first-time game developers to run with their ideas and start up their own businesses. We look forward to working with Softimage on this pilot project and tracking the progress of the selected candidates as they progress through the travails of a startup," said Michael French, Editor of DEVELOP and Executive Editor of

We take the normal total cost of ownership for a three year period (purchase prices of XSI plus three years of maintenance), apply a residual value discount (this is the amount at the end of the 3 year term you would need to pay to make the licenses "permanent") and divide the payments over the three-year term (12 quarters). Now for the interesting part -- Softimage defers the payments in year one and blend them across your year two and three payments.

Games Incubator Program Quick Facts:--Deferred leasing program that gives you access to Softimage software for three years.--No payments in the first year.--Publicity for program members in conjunction with DEVELOP Magazine.--You must be a start-up game studio--This is a pilot program currently being tested. Applications are open to European studios only.

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