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Softimage Expands Softimage|XSI Family

New models are now available for Softimage Co.s flagship SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.2.0 nonlinear animation (NLA) system. The expanded product line introduces new Workstation and Enterprise variants to the SOFTIMAGE|XSI Essentials and Advanced packages, with the new models replacing all earlier versions. The Workstation and Enterprise options introduce both a new, lower-priced entry point for smaller production operations, and more flexible and extensible networked models to meet the needs of operations with distributed workflows and/or large-scale 3D pipelines. "Since it entered beta testing, SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.2.0 has enabled our customers to set unprecedented standards for creativity and productivity by offering the greatest breadth and depth of any nonlinear animation system available," said Michael Stojda, managing director of Softimage. "With v.2.0 and our new models and pricing, we're opening the door for new groups of users at both ends of the spectrum with a range of solutions that optimize workflows for large-scale production environments as well as models that provide world-class price/performance for individual artists." Softimage will be offering several limited time programs to facilitate artists' and companies' move to the new SOFTIMAGE|XSI system. All are available through March 25, 2002. For more information about Softimage visit