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Snowden-Fine's Bob And Margaret To Air On Showtime

Based on the Academy Award-winning short BOB'S BIRTHDAY, the 52-episode animated series BOB AND MARGARET has been acquired by Showtime Networks from Corus Entertainment's Nelvana, including 26 episodes never aired in the U.S. The series, created and written by David Fine and Alison Snowden, will premiere July 5, 2002 on Showtime Women, a channel devoted to programming in which women are instrumental, and will later air on other Showtime channels. Starting with the 26 new episodes, the series will begin with "Stranded in Toronto," which follows Bob and Margaret as their plane to New York is diverted to Canada. Not only must they endure a stay with their obnoxious Toronto cousins, but Bob's receptionist Penny forgets to look after the family pets. The resulting bad press and outrage from animal rights groups force Bob and Margaret to move from England to Canada, giving the series a fresh perspective as Bob and Margaret Fish become the quintessential "fish out of water" couple. Brian George voices Bob, with co-creator Alison Snowden featured as Margaret.

Learn more about David Fine and Alison Snowden at their official Website.