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Smurfs Season 1 Smurfy on DVD

Warner Home Video (WHV) is releasing THE SMURFS: SEASON 1, VOLUME 1 on DVD Feb. 26, 2008. The two-disc box set contains 19 re-mastered and uncut cartoons from the seriesâ premiere season, along with a special bonus episode, plus a Smurfs music video. The retail price is $26.99.

Nominated for an Emmy in 1982 for Outstanding Animated Program, THE SMURFS followed 543 year-old Papa Smurf, Brainy, Jokey, Smurfette and their entire village as they face the evil Gargamel and his malicious feline, Azrael, who constantly attempt to eat the blue creatures.

Enhanced content includes:

* Bonus episode: THE SMURFS SPRINGTIME SPECIAL - In this episode, the Smurfs suffer at the hands of their arch-enemy, the evil wizard Gargamel, as Smurf Village busies itself in preparations for Easter and a newly-hatched baby duck.

* Smurfs: The Music Video - A music video featuring the famous title sound track, cut to the rhythm of the best moments from the first season.

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