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Smoke & Mirrors New York Recreates Mediterranean Paradise For Bacardi

SMNY helps George Clooney channel his inner Clark Gable while dodging his competitor, actress Shannyn Sossamon, in A BEAUTIFUL RACE, a stylish new romp for Bacardi's Martini brand, via Momentum, NY and director Francois Girard.

In gorgeous black and white, the spot opens at a chic cocktail party in a villa on the incredibly photogenic Italian island of Amalfi. It's where the elite meet and drink. Clooney, empty Martini glass in hand, sees the bartender pouring another refreshing Martini Bianco. The tinkling of the ice cubes beckons him. It calls out to another equally thirsty and beautiful guest, as well. When she spots the drink and Clooney's intention, she makes a dash for it before he can. As Clooney dodges throngs of idle rich and paparazzi, our stunning competitor slips out of her shoes, taking a short cut through a bubbling fountain to get to the bar first. Wet but victorious, she decides to concede her prized drink to Clooney, who in taking the iced Martini Bianco, hands her a napkin and utters his approval with one word, "Bellissima!"

From SMNY:

The Martini account has a special place in our heart along with the creative team at Momentum (Ty Baker and Alonso Davila) along with EP Akash Khokha, Editor Trish Fuller of the Whitehouse and director Francois Girard. Shot on location in Los Angeles, the Amalfi coast was always going to be dropped in later. To this end, Janusz Kaminski (recently Spielberg's DP on INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL and two-time Oscar winner) shot everything against greenscreen, some 80 feet of it, and SMNY creative director Sean Broughton supervised the shoot over two days.

As per the last campaign, everything was to be B&W except the product. Sam Caine and Stephanie Isaacson rotoscoped every shot the product entered, for three sets of films over two days while Dan Kelly and Phil Akka composited sky plates, delicately balancing every scene and finally Sean Broughton created the opening shot and title design.

With more than 20 shots in three days, including title design and execution, it was necessary to have three Flame suites and two roto suites on hand at all times. Multiple takes of Clooney were composited and the client was able to pick their favorite from fully finished offerings.

Lastly, every product shot was then colorized and bottles and labels replaced in post to create a Martini Rosato version.


Client: Bacardi Global Brands/MartiniSpot Title: A BEAUTIFUL RACEAir Date: July 2008

Agency: MomentumWWCD: Jeff WeissCD(s): Ty Baker, Alonso DavilaProducer: Akash Khokha

Prod Company: Independent MediaDirector: Francois GirardDP: Janusz KaminskiEP: Susanne PreisslerHead of Production: Leslie EversLine Producer: Lindsay Skutch

Editorial: The Whitehouse, NYEditor: Trish FullerEP: Corina DennisonProducer: Melanie Klein

Post/Effects: Smoke & Mirrors/NYLead VFX Artist: Sean BroughtonFlame Artists: Phil Akka, Dan KellyVFX Support Artists: Sam Caine, Stephanie IsaacsonEP: Celest GilbertManaging Director: Jo MorganVFX Producer: Paul O'Beirne

Telecine: Nice ShoesColorist: Lez Rudge

Sound Design: Sound Lounge Music & Sound Design, NYSound Designer: Marshall Grupp

Music: Mutato Muzika

Shoot Location: Beverly Hills, California, USA