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Smarterville Creates Safe Learning Site For Kids

Seattle-based Smarterville, Inc., a Web-based childrens media company, announced the launch of its Web site, This is the first Web site to integrate ad-free learning for kids aged 3-7 safely with a revenue-generating destination for parents. Activities featuring animated characters are geared to the childs age, grade and skill level. A system of animated rewards encourages the child to return to the site. The activities are downloaded so children cannot jump to another location online, and no unauthorized people can send messages to the child. For parents, the site offers a personalized method to keep track of the childs progress. combines Web-based parents progress reports with wireless alerts and other community building features. "Imagine that your child is playing and learning online and that you have no fear for their safety," said Peter Doctorow, Smartervilles president and CEO. "Imagine that you are informed of their progress on your computer or on your cell phone. Imagine that your child giggles with excitement when grandma calls to say that she heard that all of the vowels have been mastered. Imagine that the progress your child makes is positively reinforced with rewards, certificates and regular feedback from the characters they have come to love. Imagine that teachers are involved in your childs individualized learning. What you have imagined is Smarterville!" Parents will have access to a list of educational products and services created specifically for the childs interests or needs. These products and services are available through Smartervilles affiliated stores, sponsors and partners.

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