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Slumdog Millionaire, Marley & Me, Seven Pounds on DVD/Blu-ray, Plus Schoolhouse



Vin Diesel (XXX, THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS) stars in this electrifying special-effects-fueled action spectacular from Universal Studios Home Ent. After years of outrunning ruthless bounty hunters, escaped convict Riddick suddenly finds himself caught between opposing forces in a fight for the future of the human race. Now, waging incredible battles on fantastic and deadly worlds, this lone, reluctant hero will emerge as humanity's champion -- and the last hope for a universe on the edge of annihilation.

To supervise the ambitious vfx work on THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK, director David Twohy tapped Peter Chiang, who had overseen the visual effects on his two previous movies, PITCH BLACK and BELOW. Originally, about 600 effects shots were planned with three facilities evenly sharing the workload: Double Negative, Rhythm & Hues and Hammerhead. Ultimately, the movie ended up featuring more than 800 effects shots.

One hundred and forty of these shots were created by Double Negative under the supervision of Tom Debenham and Jesper Kjolsrud. "There was one sequence that was pretty complex from a conceptual point of view," Kjolsrud says. "The bad guy, whose name is Lord Marshal (Colm Feore), has the power to send his astral body in a direction and to project himself very quickly in its trail. During his climactic fight with Riddick, it gives him the ability to strike at light speed while avoiding being hit. It took us a very long time to develop a look for this effect. In fact, we were still refining it six weeks before the film's release."

Blu-ray Exclusive Special Features Include:

-- U-Control: Universal's exclusive signature feature, U-Control puts viewers one click away from going deeper into the making of the film without ever leaving the movie.-- Picture In Picture: Access interactive cast and crew interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, all while you watch the movie.-- Complete Chronicles: Explore the history and mythology of Riddick.-- Chronicles Compendium: Multi-tiered, dossier on characters, races, planets, religions, weapons and spacecrafts.-- Anatomy Of A Fight: Investigate select fight scenes to demonstrate the real-life science of Riddick's hand-to-hand combat skills.-- BD-Live: Access the BD-Live Center through your Internet-connected player to get even more content, watch the latest trailers, and more!-- My Scenes: Pick your favorite scenes from the film and share with your BD-Live buddies.

Special Features Also on the DVD Include:

-- Introduction by David Twohy-- Deleted Scenes with Commentary by David Twohy-- Virtual Guide To THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK: Immerse yourself into the world of The Chronicles of Riddick from the perspectives of the characters.-- Toombs' Chase Log: Track the hunt for Riddick from bounty hunter Toombs' perspective.-- Visual Effects Revealed: A play-by-play breakdown of the most complex and compelling vfx in THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK.-- Creation Of New Mecca: Visit New Mecca on Helion Prime and explore this futuristic world from concept to completion.-- Riddick Rises: Learn about Riddick's past, present and future including an in-depth view of his training, weapons and more.-- Keep What You Kill: Discover how the Necromonger Empire has mastered the art of war, learn their dark secrets, their strategies and witness their powers and fighting prowess.-- Feature Commentary with Writer-Director David Twohy and Actors Karl Urban and Alexa Davalo

D. GRAY-MAN: Season One, Part One on DVD

A Hero is only as good as His Enemies. Darkness is moving in, and young exorcist Allen Walker is humanity's greatest hope against the wicked forces conspiring to bring civilization to its knees. Akuma -- cruel spirits born of tragedy and lost souls -- lurk in every shadow, willing and eager to do the bidding of their leader, the dread Millennium Earl. With an eye cursed to see evil in its truest form and blessed with an arm to slay soul-devouring demons, Allen stands ready to confront the gathering storm. Should he fail, Innocence will be lost forever.

From Funimation Productions.

DRAGON BALL Z: Broly Triple Feature on Blu-ray

Contains three classic DRAGON BALL Z movies from Funimation Productions.

BROLY: THE LEGENDARY SUPER SAIYAN: A mysterious messenger delivers horrific news: a vicious Super Saiyan is rampaging through space, and he will not stop until the galaxy is left smoldering. Goku and Vegeta rush to confront the menace -- but the true danger is much closer than they think.Broly is a force of unspeakable malice, with powers that rage beyond control -- and he has the Z fighters in his sights. Now, a race to save the universe turns into a test of survival for Earth's mightiest warriors. Prepare for the most intense Saiyan battle ever known -- a clash for the ages rooted in the pains of a secret past.This is the story of legends at war.

BROLY: SECOND COMING: An investigation into the crash of a strange vessel quickly turns into a battle that not even Earth's most powerful heroes are guaranteed to win. Broly, one of the greatest threats the universe has ever known, has returned -- and this time, Goku might be powerless to stop him. Broly has gone insane from the hatred that boils inside him, an anger that burns hotter than even the pits of the fiery underworld. The entire cosmos will suffer unless the sons of Broly's greatest rival can defeat him -- and it will take nothing short of a miracle. This is the story of madness unleashed.

BIO-BROLY: Corruption and technology have united to resurrect one of the greatest forces of evil the universe has ever known -- Broly is back and more deadly than ever. This time, the Super Saiyan may prove to be unstoppable. dangerous experiment has gone haywire, and a mysterious substance has been released from a secret laboratory. The oozing menace absorbs all in its path, gaining power from all that it touches. When the creeping slime ingests Broly, the uncontrollable combination threatens to devour the entire world. Trunks discovers a secret that could stop the symbiotic scourge, but it might be too late to prevent Earth's day of reckoning. This is the story of science gone berserk.


For the first time ever, author Russell Hoban's precocious, loveable badger, FRANCES, is available on DVD in the animated FRANCES: BEDTIME FOR FRANCES. This special DVD and book collection arrives in stores March 31, 2009 from The Jim Henson Company, Lionsgate and HIT Ent. FRANCES is brought to life through the innovative, state of the art Henson Digital Puppetry Studio, a proprietary technology that allows the company's world-class performers to puppeteer and voice digitally animated characters in real time creating a unique, more spontaneous and fresh result.

BEDTIME FOR FRANCES features three fun animated stories filled with gentle life lessons that address emotional needs of young children. The DVD is packaged inside a custom-made hard-bound book featuring the classic story, BEDTIME FOR FRANCES, which received the "Notable Children's Book" award from The American Library Association when it originally debuted in 1960. It quickly became a beloved classic for children of all ages along with the many other Frances storybooks like BREAD AND JAM FOR FRANCES and A BIRTHDAY FOR FRANCES.

Frances is a celebration of the preschool spirit -- with all its dramatic highs and lows. Like many young children, Frances is fun-loving, determined and highly imaginative, expressing herself through original poems and songs. Joining Frances in her daily adventures are her little sister, Gloria, her mom and dad, and her best friend Albert.

Special Features Include:

-- Interactive Read-Along of BEDTIME FOR FRANCES-- Frances' Friends and Family Character Gallery-- Bonus Episode: FIFI AND THE FLOWERTOTS "Hole Lot of Fun"


Excavate a world of spine-tingling spooks and piercing screams as your favorite frightening characters come to life with two all-new GOOSEBUMPS DVD collections -- RETURN OF THE MUMMY and THE SCARECROW WALKS AT MIDNIGHT, arriving for the first time on DVD on March 31 from Fox Home Ent. Based on the worldwide phenomenon spawned by Scholastic's bestselling book series by R.L. Stine, GOOSEBUMPS has been published in over 32 languages and sold more than 300 million copies worldwide. Adapted for TV by Scholastic Media, the series returned to television last October on Cartoon Network and boasted a Top-10 overall ranking in primetime with kids 9-14 during the month of October 2008. The live-action series, which originally aired from 1995-1998 on Fox, tells the spookily outrageous and funny tales of ordinary kids who find themselves in extraordinary and scary situations.

Momentum for the property has been reinvigorated with a new GOOSEBUMPS HORRORLAND book series that was released earlier this year. The series features a universe of recurring characters and serialized tales that slowly reveal the terrifying secrets hidden in HorrorLand -- a frightening, vast theme park that serves as the series' backdrop. As well, a GOOSEBUMPS HORRORLAND Video Game from Scholastic Interactive debuted in October. This multi-platform, hair-raising adventure game is set in a fright-themed amusement park filled with thirty other thrilling rides and bone-chilling attractions. Adding to the momentum, the newly designed official Goosebumps website ( garners over one million visits per month and the audio collection complementing the new book series is available for download on, and iTunes. Columbia Pictures also acquired rights to adapt the bestselling book series into a theatrical feature.

These two new GOOSEBUMPS DVD titles include hair-raising adventures, monster mysteries, creepy tombs, a four thousand year old Mummy, a spooky attic, twelve menacing scarecrows, a phone that won't stop ringing and more terrifying tales.

RETURN OF THE MUMMY contains the following episodes:

"Return of the Mummy": Gabe visits his archaeologist uncle in Egypt just in time to watch him unearth the tomb of a great prince -- which might be exciting if disturbed mummies didn't seek revenge on whoever wakes them from the dead!

"Don't Wake Mummy": Jeff Carter doesn't really want to hug the 4,000-year-old mummy he received from his daddy, especially when the vengeful ragman rises from its sarcophagus!

"You Can't Scare Me": Frustrated friends Eddie and Hat decide to scare a show-off pal with Mud Monsters at Muddy Creek. But their dirty deed backfires!

THE SCARECROW WALKS AT MIDNIGHT contains the following episodes:

"The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight:" There's something funny about Jodie and Mark's grandparents' farm, but nobody is laughing, especially when twelve strange new scarecrows scare more than just the crows.

"Don't Go to Sleep": Matt Amsterdam wishes his family were different -- until he wakes up from a nap in the attic to find that things are suddenly very different.

"Calling All Creeps:" Ricky Beamer hopes for revenge when he puts a mean girl's phone number in a personal ad. But when he starts getting scary midnight calls, he's the one getting the creeps.


Are YOU ready to Go Green with Manny? Manny and his gang of talking tools want to help save the earth and you can help in HANDY MANNY: MANNY'S GREEN TEAM, new on Disney DVD on March 31, 2009.

Team up with your favorite handyman and his group of boisterous tools to learn about conserving and preserving the earth's valuable resources. Manny and the gang need YOUR help to complete all their green tasks as they restore cool air for the science fair, protect an endangered nest of baby turtles and harness the power of the sun with a solar-powered motorized sign! With a never-before-seen episode and eco-friendly bonus material including a fun family printable check list to help you turn your home green, plus a fun recycling game -- "Livin' La Vida Verde", Manny's Green Team is the best way to inspire the whole family to pitch in, roll up their sleeves and "go green!"

In never-before-seen episode, "Saving Turtles," Manny and the gang take in some beautiful natural scenery and protect a nest of endangered baby turtles. Working together on the shores of Manny's favorite lake, the gang proves that looking after the natural world is easy when you work as a team.

Wilmer Valderrama of THAT '70S SHOW is the voice of the main character, Manny Garcia, who is the best handyman in the town of Sheetrock Hills and uses his box of mismatched tools to help him make repairs all over town. Each episode focuses on teamwork, friendship and the value of community, as well as teaching basic Spanish language skills.

MARLEY & ME on DVD and Blu-ray

Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson unleash huge laughs as John and Jenny Grogan, a young couple contemplating the decision to have a baby. Then came Marley, an adorable Labrador pup who flunks obedience school and quickly turns his new home into a disaster area. But as mischievous Marley sees the Grogans through the ups and downs of life and love, they ultimately realize that "the world's worst dog" truly brings out the best in them. From Twentieth Century Fox Home Ent., MARLEY & ME features vfx by LOOK! Effects and Lola Visual Effects.

Two-Disc Special Edition DVD Special Features Include:

-- 19 Deleted Scenes With Director, David Frankel Commentary-- Finding Marley featurette-- Breaking the Golden Rule featurette-- On Set with Marley: Dog of All Trades featurette-- Animal Adoption featurette-- Purina Dog Chow Marley & Me Video Contest Finalists-- Purina Dog Chow Video Hall of Fame-- Gag Reel-- When Not to Pee featurette-- Digital Copy

Three-Disc Blu-ray Special Features Include:

-- Dog Training Trivia Track-- Dog Training 101 featuring BonusView Video-- 19 Deleted Scenes With Director, David Frankel Commentary-- Finding Marley featurette-- Breaking the Golden Rule featurette-- On Set with Marley: Dog of All Trades featurette-- Animal Adoption featurette-- Purina Dog Chow Marley & Me Video Contest Finalists Purina Dog Chow Video Hall of Fame-- Gag Reel-- When Not to Pee featurette-- Digital Copy-- MARLEY & ME Single DVD

THE MATRIX 10th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Book

By following up their debut thriller BOUND with the 1999 box-office smash THE MATRIX, the codirecting Wachowski brothers -- Andy and Larry--annihilated any suggestion of a sophomore jinx, crafting one of the most exhilarating sci-fi/action movies of the 1990s. Set in the not too distant future in an insipid, characterless city, we find a young man named Neo (Keanu Reeves). A software techie by day and a computer hacker by night, he sits alone at home by his monitor, waiting for a sign, a signal -- from what or whom he doesn't know -- until one night, a mysterious woman named Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) seeks him out and introduces him to that faceless character he has been waiting for: Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne). A messiah of sorts, Morpheus presents Neo with the truth about his world by shedding light on the dark secrets that have troubled him for so long: "You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad." Ultimately, Morpheus illustrates to Neo what the Matrix is -- a reality beyond reality that controls all of their lives, in a way that Neo can barely comprehend.

Special Features Include:

-- In Movie Experience-- Commentaries-- Written Introduction by The Wachowski brothers-- Philosophers Commentary by Dr. Cornel West, Ken Wilber-- Critics Commentary by Todd McCarthy, John Powers, David Thomson-- Cast and Crew Commentary by Carrie-Anne Moss, Zach Staenberg and John Gaeta-- Composer Commentary by Don Davis with Music Only Track-- The Matrix Revisited-- Behind The Matrix-- Making The Matrix-- The Dance of the Master: Yuen Wo Ping's Blocking Tapes-- The Bathroom Fight and Wet Wall-- The Code of the Red Dress-- The Old Exit: Wabash and Lake-- Agent Down-- Take the Red Pills [2 selections]-- Follow the White Rabbit [9 selections]-- The Music Revisited [41 audio tracks]-- Marilyn Manson Music Video Rock is Dead-- THE MATRIX teaser, trailer and TV spots

NEGIMA!? Season 2, Part 2 (Re-Imagined and Uncut) on DVD

Negi Springfield has a classroom full of head-turning school girls to deal with and a lesson plan that spans dimensions. He and the cuties of Class 3-A are trapped in a world that looks familiar -- but isn't. The mysterious and powerful Star Crystal has been stolen from the Academy of Magic, and the Black Rose Baron is driving all the girls crazy. But that's not the half of it; there are wild catfights to hose down, a giant vampire roaming the hallways, and Negi's been turned into a Chupacabra for acting naughty in public! Before the final bell rings, the young wizard will wear out his lips on an outrageous adventure he may never recover from!

From Funimation Productions.

PITCH BLACK on Blu-ray

When their ship crash-lands on a remote planet, the marooned passengers soon learn that escaped convict Riddick (Vin Diesel) isn't the only thing they have to fear. Deadly creatures lurk in the shadows, waiting to attack in the dark, and the planet is rapidly plunging into the utter blackness of a total eclipse. With the body count rising, the doomed survivors are forced to turn to Riddick with his eerie eyes to guide them through the darkness to safety. With time running out, there's only one rule: Stay in the light.

PITCH BLACK is the original sci-fi hit that introduced the world to the character of Riddick, the ultimate anti-hero, now on Blu-ray from Universal Studios Home Ent.

Blu-ray Exclusive Special Features Include:

-- U-Control: Universal's exclusive signature feature, U-Control puts viewers one click away from going deeper into the making of the film without ever leaving the movie.-- Picture In Picture: Access interactive cast and crew interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, all while you watch the movie.-- Pitch Black Raw: Explore the making of a special-effects fueled action epic through side-by-side comparisons of raw CGI to finished sequences, and raw dailies to final scenes.-- BD-Live: Access the BD-Live Center through your Internet-connected player to get even more content, watch the latest trailers, and more!-- My Scenes: Pick your favorite scenes from the film to create your own video montage.

Special Features Also on the DVD Include:

-- An Introduction by David Twohy-- The Game Is On: Utilizing animatics and concept art created during the development of the game, this feature summarizes the events preceding Pitch Black.-- Johns' Chase Log: A visual, animated and interactive day-by-day diary of the merc Johns' pursuit of Riddick. Viewers will gain a broader understanding of how Johns' was almost killed by Riddick, but also how he eventually tracked and captured Riddick. Voice-over by Cole Hauser.-- The Making Of Pitch Black-- Dark Fury: Advancing The Arc: A tantalizing first look THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK: DARK FURY, the animated prequel to RIDDICK.-- THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK Visual Encyclopedia: Using an interactive interface coupled with production art and drawings, the consumer can familiarize themselves with the complex worlds, language and terminology from THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK. Voice-over by Cole Hauser.-- A View Into The Dark: An early look into THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK, featuring new interviews with Vin Diesel and director David Twohy.-- Feature Commentary with Vin Diesel, Cole Hauser and Director David Twohy.-- Feature Commentary with Director David Twohy, Producer Tom Engelman and Visual Effects Supervisor Peter Chiang.


Universal Studios Home Ent. and Pokemon USA are collaborating on the all new Pokemon adventure, POKEMON: GIRATINA AND THE SKY WARRIOR, which will make its North American DVD premiere March 31, 2009.

POKEMON: GIRATINA AND THE SKY WARRIOR features the powerful Pokemon Giratina and its epic struggle with another legendary foe, Dialga. Ash and his companions, characters beloved to Pokemon fans the world over, become entangled in a dimension-spanning conflict when they befriend the feisty and sharp-witted Pokemon named Shaymin and stumble upon Giratina's mysterious Reverse World. In the course of the heroes' thrilling adventure, they meet a helpful researcher as they all try to battle a dangerous villain who wishes to control Giratina and rule the Reverse World.


The entire first network season and the first part of the syndicated series are included in this spook-tacular, deluxe 5-DVD set, along with nearly three hours of exclusive bonus material, all packaged in a cool, SteelBook case. From Time Life Ent.


Kids across America will be rockin' out while learning about the environment when SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK! EARTH comes to DVD on March 31, 2009 from Walt Disney Studios Home Ent. SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK educated a generation of kids about grammar, math, science, economics and history, winning four Emmy Awards in the process. Now, the creators of the original series have created all-new songs for today's kids. SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK! EARTH introduces lots of new fun characters and also brings back several iconic characters including Interplanet Janet and Mr. Morton for a 21st Century take on the classic Saturday morning TV series. Timed for Earth Day (April 22) 2009, the DVD features 11 original songs and contemporary animation.

Kids will love learning about global warming from a polar bear's point of view, carbon footprints from an animated Sasquatch, the importance of tropical rain forests, the benefits of solar and wind power and other important "green" concepts in this entertaining collection of planet-friendly songs.

SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK! EARTH all-new original songs include:

-- "Report from the North Pole"-- "The Little Things We Do"-- "The Trash Can Band"-- "You Oughta Be Savin' Water"-- "The Rainforest"-- "Save the Ocean"-- "FatCat Blue: The Clean Rivers Song"-- "A Tiny Urban Zoo"-- "Solar Power to the People"-- "Windy and the Windmills"-- "Don't Be a Carbon Sasquatch"

During Spring 2009, Disney Channel will premiere the new music video for the first-ever SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK tune, "Three is A Magic Number." This updated version of the iconic song, now called "The 3 R's" will be recorded by Mitchel Musso (HANNAH MONTANA, PHINEAS AND FERB) and will feature a sneak peek of clips from SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK! EARTH. Plus, as a special bonus, SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK! EARTH features the DVD premiere of the digitally remastered SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK classic song "The Energy Blues."

SEVEN POUNDS on DVD and Blu-ray

Academy Award nominee Will Smith stars as Ben Thomas, a man at a crossroads searching for a way to redeem his heavy conscience. He discovers he has the power to change the circumstances of seven strangers who deserve a second chance. But when one of them captures his heart, he must decide if he should reveal his secret -- even if it means giving up on his plan. From Sony Pictures Home Ent., SEVEN POUNDS features vfx by CafeFX.

DVD and Blu-ray Special Features Include:

-- Digital Copy of the Film for PC, PSP, Mac or iPod (Only on Blu-ray)-- Deleted Scenes-- Director's Commentary-- Seven Views on SEVEN POUNDS: A robust making-of feature that delves into every unique aspect of the film from seven distinct points of view: Will Smith, Director, Producers, Writer, Director of Photography, Designers, Composer.-- Creating the Perfect Ensemble: Explores the unique challenge the Casting Director and Director Gabrielle Muccino faced in casting the film, finding the perfect talent to play the many characters that impact Ben's life, who each represent a different aspect of humanity.-- The Box Jellyfish - World's Deadliest Co-Star: A Behind-the-Scenes look at how the Box Jellyfish is shot/created in the film. Includes interviews with a jellyfish expert to learn even more about this mysterious and deadly creature.--Emily's Passion - The Art of the Printing Press: A demonstration of how the old-fashioned printing presses work.

SHIGURUI: DEATH FRENZY Complete Box Set on DVD and Blu-ray

Based upon the historical short story SURUGA-JOU GOZEN JIAI from one of Japan's most prolific authors, Nanjo Norio.

Two damaged warriors wear the scars of a twisted and violent past. Bitter rivals for the secrets of their master's sword and the right to his daughter, these samurai inflict wounds on each other that would destroy lesser men. The final chapter of their saga unfolds within a brutal samurai tournament, a gruesome contest arranged to satisfy the bloodlust of a cruel tyrant overlord. The disfigured legends of the blade must summon the strength for one last battle -- a final lesson in the artistry of violence where nothing is more beautiful than the kill. From Funimation Productions.

Special Features Include:

-- 24-page booklet with interviews, historical notes and in-depth story outline -- Marathon Play Feature -- Actor and Director Episode Commentaries -- Production Artwork Galleries -- Textless Songs

SHUFFLE: The Complete Series Box Set on DVD

Ten years ago, the gateway to the Realm of the Gods and the Realm of the Demons was opened. Soon afterwards, the gods and the demons began migrating to our world. Now there are places where gods, demons and humans all study together... Such as our school, Verbena Academy.

Meet Rin, a normal high school guy who is the envy of every other man in town. You see, he's lucky enough to live with and be pampered by the sweet, beautiful Kaede. It's just a day like any other when two new transfer students show up in class: Sia, Princess of the Gods and Nerine, Princess of the Demons. Now Rin's luck is about to change, for he has been chosen to take one of their hands in marriage! Talk about envy! Whether down the hall, next door or from another realm, girls seem to be everywhere. And they all want Rin for themselves! Which girl would you choose?

From Funimation Productions.


Jamal Malik (Dev Patel), an 18 year-old orphan from the slums of Mumbai, is about to experience the biggest day of his life. With the whole nation watching, he is just one question away from winning a staggering 20 million rupees on India's WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE? But when the show breaks for the night, police arrest him on suspicion of cheating; how could a street kid know so much? Desperate to prove his innocence, Jamal tells the story of his life in the slum where he and his brother grew up, of their adventures together on the road, of vicious encounters with local gangs, and of Latika (Freida Pinto), the girl he loved and lost. Each chapter of his story reveals the key to the answer to one of the game show's questions. Each chapter of Jamal's increasingly layered story reveals where he learned the answers to the show's seemingly impossible questions. But one question remains a mystery: what is this young man with no apparent desire for riches really doing on the game show? When the new day dawns and Jamal returns to answer the final question, the Inspector and sixty million viewers are about to find out. At the heart of its exuberant storytelling lies the intriguing question of how anyone comes to know the things they know about life and love.

From Twentieth Century Fox Home Ent., SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE has vfx by former CIS London, including TV inserts, matte paintings and rig removal.

DVD Special Features Include:

-- Slumdog Dreams: Danny Boyle & The Making of SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE-- Deleted Scenes-- Commentary by Director Danny Boyle and Actor Dev Patel-- Commentary by Producer Christian Colson and Writer Simon Beaufoy-- Slumdog Cutdown


It's a "berry" fun adventure when the sweetest traveler ever and her friends embark on new journeys in the all-new STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE: BERRY BIG JOURNEYS coming to DVD March 31, 2009 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Ent. Featuring two fun-filled stories of new experiences, new travels and new challenges, "Strawberry's Big Journey" and "Around the Berry Big World," the pint-size loveable darling along with Angel Cake, Rainbow and new friend Banana Candy prove that a positive attitude and being with friends is the best time of all.

"Strawberry's Big Journey": Strawberry Shortcake has always dreamed of seeing a certain rare flower, which only blooms once every ten years - and then only for a day. When she and her friends decide to go to see the flower, they load up a car and camper and set out for a long journey. The trip is not always easy - it's full of unexpected complications and delays and they arrive mere moments too late and miss the flower's bloom. Strawberry's friends feel awful for her; she's missed something that meant a lot to her. But Strawberry isn't disappointed, the journey itself has been a grand adventure and she wouldn't have missed it for anything in the world!

"Around the Berry Big World": After an inadvertent wager with Pie Man, Strawberry sets off to prove that she can go around the world in 80 days. She knows it can be done... if you have a positive attitude. Alas, a very negative Peppermint Fizz gets brought along by accident. Together, they overcome many obstacles -- including Pie Man's nasty attempts to sabotage the trip -- and they make it back to Strawberryland in 80 days.

Special Features Include:

-- Character Gallery Memory Book-- Printable coloring pages


Mill Creek Ent. introduces the SUPER 300 CARTOON COLLECTION with huge laughs and comedic exploits of America's best-loved cartoon characters. The collection contains 300 classic cartoons featuring all-time favorites and fun-filled antics from the Golden Age of Animation. Includes POPEYE, CLUTCH CARGO, FELIX THE CAT, GUMBY, HOPPITY HOOPER, THE THREE STOOGES and many more.


The adventures continue with everyone's Number 1 engine when THOMAS & FRIENDS: HIGH SPEED ADVENTURES races onto DVD March 31, 2009 from Lionsgate and HIT Ent.

Thomas and his engine friends speed through the Island of Sodor in six stories of fun and adventure. Capture the spirit of "steamwork" as Thomas learns to share his workload, Edward saves Gordon at the water works and Rosie learns to follow directions to get the job done. Future engineers will hear about Proteus the mystical engine, see Henry help woodsmen save the Sodor Wishing Tree and thrill as Thomas takes on the challenge of a high-speed race. Grab your conductor's hat and hop on board for this action-packed collection of High Speed Adventures.

Episodes include:

-- "Thomas and the Billboard"-- "Steady Eddie"-- "Rosie's Funfair Special"-- "Mountain Marvel"-- "Henry Gets It Wrong"-- "Don't Go Back"