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Slangman's World Teaches The World To Speak in Tongues

Animated TV series SLANGMAN'S WORLD, from Veritas Studios, is set to air on American Forces Network (AFN) this winter in 175 countries. This will be one of AFN's first original children's programs in its 66-year history.

The SLANGMAN'S WORLD show is a vehicle for introducing children to foreign languages and cultures through music, animation, and magic. It's Dr. Seuss meets a language-based BLUE'S CLUES. Slangman -- a live-action, quirky, fun-loving wizard and inventor -- interacts with the animated characters as well as the kids at home, encouraging them to participate in each learning adventure. In his enchanted multicultural house, each character serves a specific function to help children broaden their language skills and their view of the world.

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The show stars David Burke, who became known as "Slangman" from his six-year regular radio spot on VOICE OF AMERICA. Burke has authored 90 books on language. He penned both a series of books introducing children to world languages through fairytales that start in English and morph into a different language, and also a collection of books teaching slang terms and idioms to adult non-native speakers of English. Slangman's books are distributed throughout the world and are an integral part of the language curriculum at UCLA, as well as Berlitz International. Burke has had regular appearances as a language expert on KTLA, CNN, and the BBC.

Burke hosts the show and does the voices of all of the characters for SLANGMAN'S WORLD. Additionally, Burke writes the score, songs, and lyrics for each episode.

The American Forces Network (AFN) has adopted SLANGMAN'S WORLD into the AFNfamily schedule. The show is set to broadcast regularly starting in Q4 of 2008, with a goal of helping military families integrate into their new environments overseas.

SLANGMAN'S WORLD is created at Veritas Studios in Los Angeles. The show is produced by David Burke, Kenny Gage, and Timothy Michael Harrington. Veritas partner, Andrew Pagana, is directing. The show's animation team boasts previous stays at Nickelodeon, Klasky-Csupo, Disney, and Warner Bros.