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Sky Italia Taps Flying Machine & Pure For Holiday Spot

Visual communications and effects studio PURE and design studio Flying Machine have been tapped once again by Italys premiere satellite broadcaster, SKY Italia, this time to create its year-end holiday promotion. The promotion began airing across all of SKYs networks on Dec. 17, 2004, and will air through January 2005.

This project marks the fifth collaborative effort between Flying Machine and SKY Italia. Prior to this project, Flying Machine had created a number of show opens, program packages and through a joint effort with PURE, the complete broadcast package for SKYs classic movie channel, SKY Cinema Classics that launched Sept. 3, 2004.

Flying Machine creative director Micha Riss, noted, Steve Tozzi and I worked so well together with the team at SKY on the Cinema Classics launch that this felt like the an opportune time to partner up again.

With a breath of life a holiday card becomes a fanciful environment. The viewer is taken on a journey into the magical world of movies while maintaining the central holiday theme. The spot begins as the camera pushes in on holiday cards displayed on a fireplace mantle. In one continuous shot, the viewer is transported into a fantasy world where movie icons abound. Like ornaments hanging on an enchanted Christmas tree, dinosaurs, spaceships and stars come to life as the camera travels past.

PURE creative director/designer Steve Tozzi and Riss sketched out the broad strokes and then brought in director of animation Michael Wharton to discuss the details of the entirely CG approach. It had to feel as if you are entering a world filled with holiday movie magic, said Riss. I think it successfully communicates the idea in a contemporary and sophisticated manner.

We were inspired by classic Victorian illustrations, explains Tozzi. One illustration in particular depicting an old world Santa Claus was the jumping off point. The journey is an homage to the Christmas holiday of yesteryear, when a child would awaken to find fantastic gifts under the tree. We specifically choose cinematic icons that resemble toys and added sprinkles of pixie dust to underscore the timeless feeling of discovery and wonderment.

The collaboration with Pure and Flying Machine was easy and effective as usual, said Roberto Amoroso, Special Projects Producer for SKY. The task of creating an eight-second piece that would convey the idea of Christmas and cinematic emotion was not an easy one, but Micha and Steve came up with the idea of the Christmas card and did an incredible job. We were thrilled to deliver such a terrific design piece to our audiences.

Hardware/Software used includes: Avid Media Composer, Discreet *flame, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Apple Power Macintosh G5 workstations.

Project credits include:

SKY Italia (Milan, Italy) - ClientNils Hartmann head of movie channelsRoberto Amoroso special projects producer

Flying Machine (New York, NY) DesignMicha Riss - creative director

PURE (New York, NY) Design & Visual EffectsSteve Tozzi - creative director/designerBill Denahy technical directorMichael Wharton director of animationAjit Menon CG animatorJason Cunningham visual effects artistSally Kapsalis exec producer

Fluid (New York, NY) - Original Music & Sound DesignDavid Shapiro - exec producerBrad Stratton - producer

Flying Machine is a New York-based creative design and art hub. Working within a variety of media, the studio creates visual solutions for entertainment, advertising and branding. For more information, visit

Pure is a visual communications studio, an idea company and a design studio. Based in New York City, PURE focuses on all facets of design, strategy and brand development for an array of clients. PURE develops uniquely tailored compelling solutions for a wide range of fields, from feature films, commercial advertising and network branding to event packaging and emerging media. For more information visit

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