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Skunk To Rep Flash Director Michael Overbeck

Skunk has signed Flash director Michael Overbeck to their roster. The London-based company will represent the director internationally for commercials and music videos. Overbeck has won numerous international awards, including the 2000 Audience choice award at RESFEST. Overbeck recently worked on a pilot entitled UTICA CARTOON for the Cartoon Network, which aired Friday, July 13. "It's a great pleasure to be working with such a young and unique talent. Mike takes the application of the extremely popular Flash to another level," said Hyun-Ho Khang of Skunk. "Flash has become the creative technology of the Internet but Mike applies traditional rules of narrative with off-the-wall humor that will appeal to agencies and record labels especially with the cost and speed of Flash animation. Mike is a great complement to the Skunk roster. His style is a direct contrast to our more traditional East European directors. It's also our first step outside Europe, but his signing will be closely followed by more from Asia in the next few weeks." Overbeck said, "I'm delighted to be represented by Skunk because it will give me the opportunity to take on some new challenges. I'd like to go further with my visual and humorous style and get a better grasp on my artistic identity. The short projects will also let me expand my versatility as a director. And when I feel like I'm growing as an artist, I'm much more fun at parties. I love animation because it is the best medium I've found thus far to express myself. I think it's because I have a good sensibility for time."

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