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Sketching in Modern Toss on IFC

MODERN TOSS, a partially-animated, distinctly adult British comedy complete with gross-out moments, profanity and inappropriate cartoon characters was created by former journalists Mick Bunnage and Jon Link based on their comic and website also dubbed MODERN TOSS. This hilarious mutant television offspring that grew out of UK Channel 4's famed comedy lab anthology series will soon run rampant across the world of pop culture on IFC.

Beginning March 17 at 11 p.m. ET/PT, 30-minute episodes of this six-part series will air as part of IFC's Tuesday night AUTOMAT programming block.

Featuring a host of maladjusted characters, MODERN TOSS introduces crowd pleasing favorites like fearless master sign writer Mr. Tourette, socially-inept Alan who reacts to bland family gatherings with carefully-orchestrated destruction, two astronauts who delight in tormenting one another, celebrity-obsessed flies who swap dubious eye witness accounts in Fly Talk, a goose-stepping nose with legs and a hat known as Sneezeman with allergies to contemporary life, and the Gnat Burglar, a bionic mosquito capable of sucking a dinosaur dry.

"We used the idea of being fed up with working for other people and turned it into a comic, and then a television series," said creator Mick Bunnage. "As for the characters, we watch people arguing then we boil it down to about three words. A lot of it's about people doing jobs reluctantly. God knows what the rest of it's about."

MODERN TOSS is not a show for the easily offended, or for those who like their comedy safe, simple, and featuring Judi Dench. This new cartoon sketch show is short on good taste and sensitivity, but brimming with originality and laughs.

This series features the voice talent of Simon Greenall, Paul Kaye, Doon Mackichan, Mackenzie Crook and David Schaal, amongst others.

The IFC AUTOMAT is a Tuesday night four-hour block packed with exclusive uncut, uncensored alternative programming including testosterone-infused network premieres, originals, shorts, web shows, anime and more.