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THE SIXTH SENSE remains on top

Buena Vista's supernatural thriller THE SIXTH SENSE, with visual effects byDreamQuest, finished first at the US weekend boxoffice for the thirdconsecutive week, grossing an estimated $24.1 million, which is onlyslightly below last week's $26.1 million, for a total of $106.7 million;The Walt Disney Company's INSPECTOR GADGET, with digital effects byDreamQuest, finished eighth, grossing an estimated $4.3 million for a totalof $83.1 million; and Warner Bros.' shark thriller, DEEP BLUE SEA, withdigital effects by ILM and Cinesite, finished ninth, grossing an estimated$3.8 million for a total of $63.7 million. Unfortunately, in an ongoinganimation tragedy, Warner Bros.' THE IRON GIANT has dropped from the topten. While reportedly $30 million was spent on the film's advertisingcampaign, the approach failed to draw in viewers to this criticallyacclaimed film. Other factors, such as releasing the film against a wave ofstiff competition and the lack of licensing and marketing partners, arealso being blamed for the film's poor performance. Final boxoffice numbersare not yet available.