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THE SIXTH SENSE finishes fifth at US boxoffice

Buena Vista'ssupernatural thriller THE SIXTH SENSE, with visual effects by DreamQuest,finished fifth at the US weekend boxoffice, grossing $7,025,098 for a totalof $234,547,781. Other animation-related films in the top 40 include:Lucasfilm's STAR WARS EPISODE I: THE PHANTOM MENACE finished 15th with$697,097 for a total of $425,360,285; DreamWorks SKG's THE HAUNTING, withdigital effects by ILM, finished 17th with $350,352 for a total of$90,114,112; The Walt Disney Company's INSPECTOR GADGET, with digitaleffects by DreamQuest, finished 21st with $245,872 for a total of$94,275,226; Disney's TARZAN finished 23rd with $229,196 for a total of$169,812,824; Warner Bros.' THE IRON GIANT, directed by Brad Bird, finished30th with $138,897 for a total of $22,207,519; Universal's superhero parodyMYSTERY MEN, with digital effects by POP Film and Rhythm and Hues, finished32nd with $126,020 for a total of $29,655,590; Warner Bros.' sharkthriller, DEEP BLUE SEA, with digital effects by ILM and Cinesite, finished34th with $112,602 for a total of $72,235,439; and Warner's THE WILD WILDWEST, with digital effects by ILM, finished 40th with $91,299 for a totalof $113,745,408.