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Singer George Michael Illustrates His Politics With Animated Video

Pop singer George Michael has been courting controversy in the U.S. and across the pond with the animated video for his latest single "Shoot The Dog," which features less-than-flattering caricatures of President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair. Although the video is not being shown in the U.S., it has created quite a stir in the press, and the singer was forced to issue a statement saying that he wasn't "anti-American" and that he "does not condone the actions of Al Qaeda." In addition to Dubya and Blair, the satirical video features over 40 animated characters, including Saddam Hussein, the Queen of England, Prince Charles and George Michael himself animated in a variety of outrageous guises including the Village People, the entire cast of THE SIMPSONS and a goldfish. According to Michael's statement the concept of the video is "simply my attempt to contribute to the public debate that I feel should be taking place regarding Iraq and Saddam Hussein." The five and a half minute video, which can be viewed at, was produced by the UK's 2DTV Limited using CelAction2D software, which allowed the company to produce the video in under 3 weeks. "The ability of the software to animate both characters and effects really quickly allowed us to make changes right up to the day of delivery," explained director Tim Searle. "We even managed to slip in a topical joke based on England's last match in the World Cup, and that happened one week before the deadline." 2DTV Limited are the producers of the television series 2DTV (also animated with CelAction2D), which is broadcast on the UK channel ITV. Michael is a fan of the animated sketch comedy and asked producers to animate him for the video. Many of the characters featured in the video are part of 2DTV's "library" and are regulars on the series. CelAction2D animation software has also recently been used to animate Collingwood O'Hare's latest effort YOKO! JAKAMOKO! TOTO!