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Simpsons Sweeps WGA Animation Nominations

THE SIMPSONS sweep the animation writing category for nominations from the Writers Guild of America, East & West, which jointly announced nominations for outstanding achievement in television writing during the 2005 season.

In the category of Animation Any Length One Airing Time, the nominees are THE SIMPSONS episodes: "The Father, the Son and the Holy Guest Star," written by Matt Warburton; "The Girl Who Slept Too Little," by John Frink; "Mommie Beerest," by Michael Price; "See Homer Run," by Stephanie Gillis; "Thank God It's Doomsday," by Don Payne; and "There's Something About Marrying," by J. Stewart Burns.

The only nominee for News TV Graphic Animation went to ABC's INAUGURATION 2005, written by Steve Bottorff, Eric Diga, Lisa Fisher, Alice Kreit and Casey Sattler.

For the first time in the history of the guilds, three new TV award categories will recognize overall excellence in writing of episodic series. These new awards Outstanding Achievement in Writing for a Dramatic Series, Comedy Series, and New Series will be presented to all the writers of the winning series. The memberships of both guilds voted on the nominated series in these categories

Award winners will be announced at the 2006 Writers Guild Awards Feb. 4, 2006, with ceremonies held on both coasts in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Palladium, and in New York at the Waldorf-Astoria. The WGA West's awards ceremony is exec produced by Emmy-winning writer/producer Cort Casady.

The Writers Guild of America, West and the Writers Guild of America, East represent writers in the motion picture, broadcast, cable, and new media industries in both entertainment and news. The unions conduct numerous programs, seminars and events throughout the world on issues of interest to, and on behalf of, writers.