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The Simpsons Movie Website Wins Two Webby Awards

Interactive agency 65 Media has been named Webby Award Winner and People's Voice Winner in the Movie and Film category in recognition of its work creating 65 Media will be among the winners honored at the star-studded Webby Awards ceremony hosted by SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE's Seth Meyer in New York City on June 10.

20th Century Fox enlisted 65 Media to create the website for the highly anticipated, summer 2007 film release, THE SIMPSONS MOVIE. Simpsons fans enthusiastically embraced the chance to experience the world of America's favorite dysfunctional family like never before, from inside Springfield itself, actually becoming a Simpsons character.

"Our goal was to develop a fun, virtual Simpsons experience that would give users the exciting opportunity to explore Springfield and be a guest star on the site," said Albin Reif, founder and chief creative officer of 65 Media. "The Simpsons Avatar Creator resonated with six million fans that, in creating their personalized avatars, helped us to achieve the Holy Grail of online advertising. We harnessed the power of the Simpsons-loving public and created a motivated army of enthusiastic brand ambassadors. These results represent an unprecedented viral marketing success."

Simpsons Avatars showed up on Flickr, YouTube, blogs, forums, and social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. Entire offices, classrooms and companies have recreated themselves as Simpsons Avatars. This online campaign became a viral and social-networking phenomenon that positioned the Simpsons in every possible place, harnessing the popularity of social networking and bringing the enthusiasm offline.

"The response to the website was incredible," added Fox VP of Digital Marketing, Hilary Hattenbach. "The average amount of time spent on the site was a half an hour during which millions of people created avatars and competed for top scores on the global leader board. 65 Media did an amazing job creating a truly immersive and entertaining film website. Their Webby Award honors are well deserved."

Capitalizing on the success of the Simpsons Avatar Creator, Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood partnered with 65 Media this spring to build in support of the first-ever mega-attractions based on the blockbuster TV series.

Visitors to the site can spring into Springfield by playing CATAPULT TO KRUSTYLAND -- a game designed by 65 Media to deliver hours of mindless fun as users send their Simpsons Avatar soaring over the gates of Universal Studios for a sneak peak at "Krustyland," the fantasy amusement park dreamed up by the show's cantankerous Krusty the Clown.

The game is tied to a sweepstakes promotion running through May 31, 2008. The winner of the grand prize will be awarded with a trip for four to Universal Orlando, where the ride is now open, or Universal Studios Hollywood, where The Simpsons Ride opens today -- plus their winning avatar will be on display at both locations.

"The Simpsons Avatars are literally reaching new heights with the CATAPULT TO KRUSTYLAND game," said Reif. "The addition of SIMPSONS RIDE has given fans a new playground to explore. The response we've had to date has been out of this world."

Clicking inside Springfield reveals surprises and hidden gems at every corner leading visitors on an incredibly fun journey through the town on THE SIMPSONS MOVIE site. Whether in Moe's Tavern, the Kwik-E-Mart, the Simpsons' Home, the Theatre, the Carnival, the Lake or Town Hall, users can entertain themselves for hours with highly addictive, Simpsons-themed games and content. The site also won a Gold London International Award, Cleo Shortlist honors, and a One Show Merit Award.