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The Simpsons and Firefly Win Animation and VFX Primetime Emmys

THE SIMPSONS and FIREFLY were the big Emmy winners for animation and visual effects, respectively, at The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences 2002-2003 Creative Arts Primetime Emmys for programs and individual achievements at the 55th Annual Emmy Awards presentation September 13, 2003, at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

THE SIMPSONS continued its Emmy-winning streak for Animated Program (One Hour or Less, garnering eight in this category) while HANK AZARIA was honored for his voice over work as Moe in THE SIMPSONS episode Baby Blues. This was a previously announced juried award as was the Individual Achievement in Animation Awards AWN reported earlier, which went to Scott Willis, production designer, and Dan Krall, layout artist, for their work on Cartoon Networks Episode XXXII on SAMURAI JACK. Marciek Albrecht also won one for his animation on HBOs THROUGH A CHILDS EYES: SEPTEMBER 11, 2001, "Imagine" and "Turn, Turn, Turn."

CHASED BY DINOSAURS, from Discovery Channel, won for Outstanding Animated Program (over one hour). The best visual effects for a miniseries, movie or special went to FRANK HERBERTS CHILDREN OF DUNE, seen on the Sci Fi Channel. Both vfx winners used NewTeks LightWave 3D as a key tool in their visual effect arsenal.

Independent Media, Production Company to the best commercial honors for its FISH, a promo for PBS.

Cable channel E! will broadcast the awards ceremony on Sept. 19. The rest of the Primetime Emmy Awards will be telecast on Sept. 21 on FOX.

The complete list of animation series and vfx winners presented during the creative awards follows:

ANIMATED PROGRAM (FOR PROGRAMMING LESS THAN ONE HOUR) THE SIMPSONS, Three Gays Of The Condo, FOX Produced by Twentieth Century Fox TV and Grace Films, animation by Film RomanJames L. Brooks, Executive Producer Matt Groening, Executive Producer Al Jean, Executive Producer Ian Maxtone-Graham, Co-Executive Producer/Writer Matt Selman, Co-Executive Producer/Writer Dan Greaney, Co-Executive Producer Carolyn Omine, Co-Executive Producer Tim Long, Co-Executive Producer John Frink, Co-Executive Producer Don Payne, Co-Executive Producer Kevin Curran, Co-Executive Producer Dana Gould, Co-Executive Producer Larina Jean Adamson, Supervising Producer Mike Wolf, Animation Executive Producer Laurie Biernacki, Animation Producer Rick Polizzi, Animation Producer Matt Warburton, Writer Mark Kirkland, Director Jim Reardon, Supervising Director Matthew Faughnan, Assistant Director Milton Gray, Animation Timer

OUTSTANDING ANIMATED PROGRAM (FOR PROGRAMMING ONE HOUR OR MORE CHASED BY DINOSAURS, Discovery Channel VFX produced by Framestore CFCGaynelle Evans, Executive Producer Adam Kemp, BBC Executive Producer Tim Haines, Producer/Director/Writer Jasper James, Producer/Director/Writer Sharon Reed, Executive Producer of CGI William Sargent, Executive Producer of CGI Fiona Walkinshaw, Executive Producer of CGI Mike Milne, Director of CGI

OUTSTANDING SPECIAL VISUAL EFFECTS FOR A SERIES FIREFLY, Serenity Produced by Mutant Enemy Inc., in association with Twentieth Century Fox TV, vfx done by Zoic StudiosLONI PERISTERE, Visual Effects Supervisor FOX KRISTEN LEIGH BRANAN, Visual Effects Coordinator EMILE SMITH, Digital Effects Supervisor ROCCO PASSIONINO, Digital Effects Supervisor LEE STRINGER, CG Supervisor KYLE TOUCHER, Animator JARROD DAVIS, Animator TERRY NAAS, Animator CHRIS JONES, Compositing Supervisor

OUTSTANDING SPECIAL VISUAL EFFECTS FOR A MINISERIES, MOVIE OR A SPECIAL FRANK HERBERTS CHILDREN OF DUNE, Night 1 Produced by New Amsterdam Entertainment, Inc., in association with Blixa Film Produktion and Co. and Touchstone TV Prods., vfx by Area 51 FilmsERNEST FARINO, Visual Effects Supervisor SCI FI TIM McHUGH, Visual Effects Producer VÎT KOMRZY, Visual Effects Coordinator ANDREW HARLOW, Lead Model Maker CHRIS ZAPARA, Lead Visual Effects Animator DON L. McCOY, Lead Visual Effects Animator BARRY HOWELL, Lead Visual Effects Animator MICHAEL F. HOOVER, Lead Visual Effects Animator GLENN CAMPBELL, Lead Visual Effects Compositor

OUTSTANDING COMMERCIAL FISH - PBS Promo Independent Media, Production Company Fallon, Ad Agency