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Simone Grattarola Joins Rushes

The award-winning Simone Grattarola joins post house Rushes as Director of Colour Grading.

Press release from Rushes:


Award winning Colourist Simone Grattarola has joined post company Rushes as Director of Colour Grading. Simone has over 12 years grading experience working with acclaimed directors, agencies and production companies, building his reputation through his diverse grading skills across commercials, music videos, features and digital campaigns.  He has graded high profile commercials such as Philips, Coca Cola, Stella Artois, French Connection, Ford, Samsung, and Sony.

An MVA Winner, Simone has coloured many of the most iconic music videos ever made, for the world's top artists;, Madonna, Coldplay, Kylie, Snow Patrol, Take That and U2.  His feature and long form work includes LCD Soundsystem’s Shut Up and Play the Hits, Atlantis' Birth of a Legend and Super Volcano for the BBC.

Grattarola “I'm so proud to take on this role, Rushes has an exceptional history in grading, I want to continue that, producing great work with the creative team we have here".

Grattarola sees the Colourist as an integral part of the creative chain, where the art director, lighting cameraman, make-up artist and colourist can all work together to define a directors’ vision.

He enjoys being involved early in a project and loves to reference his love of films, photography, art and fashion in his work. He sees this as an essential part of the creative process and key to establishing a connection with the director as well as the project itself, making the subjective art of grading more tangible.

Rushes Managing Director Joce Capper, "Simone is a rare talent, one of the most enthusiastic creative's I have worked with.  He is passionate about creating amazing pictures for clients.  He has the ability to motivate the whole team, to lead a job with diplomacy, great skill and energy.  I admire his passion for people and for always, always wanting to make it a great experience for everyone and for the job to be the very best it can be.  He'll battle to do that, stand up for what he believes in and laugh at the end of it. He deserves every success - that’s what he always wishes for others and always works so hard to achieve for them."

Directors Alex and Liane, "It comes as no surprise to us that Simone Grattarola is now Director of Colour Grading at Rushes.  He is a master of his craft and manages to combine his huge brain of references with his unique linguistic understanding of the secret (and peculiar) language that accompanies describing visual flavours in words. We love working with him and most importantly he has very good taste!"

Grattarola will lead the Grading team in London, working with the VFX creatives at Rushes to produce amazing work & collaborating with clients.  He is available for remote real time grading throughout our virtual outposts network in the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia & Canada.