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Simon & Schuster releases MISS SPIDER'S TEA PARTY CD-ROM

Simon & Schuster Interactive has released a MISS SPIDER'S TEA PARTY CD-ROM.Based on the best-selling MISS SPIDER'S TEA PARTY children's books by DavidKirk, the CD-ROM recreates the spectacular, colorful imagery that hasthrilled children and critics alike. The CD-ROM allows children to assistMiss Spider in throwing a tea party through eight fun games that providevaluable learning experiences. The activities are designed to help kidsincrease color, sound, and shape identification, enhance coordination andbasic motor skills, and bolster vocabulary. The CD-ROM maintains the lookand feel of the books, with the added dimension of it being created in 3Dcomputer graphics. The CD-ROM's story revolves around Miss Spider's effortsto gather her friends to her tea party in bugdom. She decorates her houseand writes out invitations to eight friends. The player helps Miss Spiderdeliver the invitations and each time the mouse is clicked another fun andfanciful guest appears including fireflies, crickets, ladybugs, andbeetles. Each of the guests has a problem that prevents them from attendingthe soiree. Problems are turned into games and as the player solves eachproblem another friend gets to go to Miss Spider's Tea Party. David Kirk'spopular Miss Spider tales have sold more than three million copiesworldwide. When MISS SPIDER'S TEA PARTY debuted in Fall, 1994 it wasselected by PARENTS MAGAZINE as one of "1994's Top Ten Picture Books" andcited by the School Library Journal as "extraordinary." Kirk was intimatelyinvolved in the making of the MISS SPIDER'S TEA PARTY CD-ROM includingwriting the verse himself. MISS SPIDER'S TEA PARTY is now available as aPC/MAC hybrid for US$19.95.

Sharon Schatz reviewed David Kirk's newest book, NOVA'S ARK, in "3D CGIComes Aboard Nova's Ark" in the July 1999 issue of Animation World Magazine.