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Silver Dolphin Launches Digital Arm

Silver Dolphin Books launches kids’ app publishing business and acquires app publishing rights to evergreen brands Little Critter and Richard Scarry.

San Diego, CA -- Silver Dolphin Books, an imprint of Baker & Taylor Publishing and an award-winning publisher in the field of educational, novelty and activity books for children and young readers, is entering the digital application publishing business for children and has acquired the app publishing rights for iconic children’s brands Little Critter and Richard Scarry. The Company plans to release a total of six new innovative apps in the next year for Little Critter, Richard Scarry and an all-new IP, Astro B-1.

“Silver Dolphin Books has a proven record of publishing award-winning titles that are loved by children and parents alike for their interactive play and learning value,” said Jon I. Rosenberg, VP and Publisher of Silver Dolphin Books. “Given our heritage and our portfolio, including the recent acquisition of the beloved classic brands, Richard Scarry and Little Critter, we are uniquely qualified to bring the same values to our children’s apps that will engage, entertain and educate their young minds as we continue to develop and expand our entertainment portfolio.”

The new Silver Dolphin Books’ apps are being developed by Appy Award-winning producer and developer John Sansevere (Little Critter: Where’s My Frog) and are scheduled for release in 2013, debuting on both the IOS and Android platforms.

Silver Dolphin Books will be developing new apps for brands including:

Little Critter: Appealing to four to seven-year-old children, author and illustrator Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter stories arerooted in the practical. First published in 1975, over 150 million copies of Little Critter books have been sold to date. Kids identify with Little Critter’s first-person narration of his thoughts, feelings, ideas and inspirations, as he navigates the challenges of childhood. Emphasizing the humor of striving to understand the grown-up world, Little Critter instills the solid values of love, compassion, empathy, caring and sharing through situations involving the family dynamic. In the new app, Little Critter: The Trip, slated to launch in January 2013, users will engage with games and activities appropriate for a basic pre-school and early elementary curriculum, including identifying numbers, shapes, colors, patterns, letters and simple words, as well as telling time and solving simple equations.

Richard Scarry’s Busytown:

First published in 1975, Richard Scarry’s Busytown books have sold over 100 million copies worldwide, making them a trusted favorite with kids’ aged four-years-old and up. The books help kids to develop new ideas and ways of looking at the world, imparting new skills and creating new approaches to common dilemmas. Like the books, the first Richard Scarry’s Busytown’s Busy Kids app, slated for launch in spring 2013, will celebrate the joie de vivre of everyday life in a world which, although the adults are present, leaves the kids free to navigate their experiences in their own Busytown-style, ensuring lots of fun. Users will help characters figure out and solve problems. Stories are told by the omniscient and reassuring third-person narrative voice that generations of Scarry fans have come to know and love and ultimately rely on to carry the characters through all of their experiences with compassion and humor.

Astro B-1: “It takes all types to make the world go around” is the essence of the Astro B-1’s, the whimsical inhabitants of the tiny star Asteroid B-1, just to the left of the North Star and below the Big Dipper. As you can imagine, such a tiny star requires its residents to live in harmony! And yet for a tiny star, there are many groups who live there who must learn how to “Be One” with all of the others! There’s the Shhhs! and the Blah-Blahs!; the Yummys! and the Yucks!; the Hmmms! and the Ooops! and the Pee-Yews! and the Ooo-la-las! Their opposing traits determine their personalities and when groups collide, conflict occurs, presenting them with the predicament we all face no matter our age: how do we learn to get along? Conceptualized and developed by the imaginative mind of award-winning producer and developer John Sansevere (Little Critter: Where Is My Frog?), the premise of the Astro B-1’s echoes that of many preschool and elementary school curriculums—to promote respect and understanding among all children no matter their differences. The first Astro B-1’s app is slated for launch in summer 2013.

Source: Silver Dolphin Books

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