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Silly Science Series Pedro and Frankensheep Coming Soon

PEDRO AND FRANKENSHEEP, a new series by The Brothers McLeod (Greg and Myles) and Phil Cooper, will be released on Children's BBC this week on CBBC.

The show's creators announced today their 10-episode series will begin airing Feb. 25.

A popular pre-release on the CBBC website garnered several hundred thousand views on YouTube after a "rogue guinea pig" posted the episode "Sleep Guinea Pig Sleep."

The 10 x 5 minute series follows the adventures and mishaps of genius guinea pig Pedro and his childlike, cyber-sheep Frank, who live in a secret lab underneath Lake Poopo.

Despite the funny name, Lake Poopo is real and is actually the second largest lake in Bolivia.

PEDRO AND FRANKENSHEEP is described as a madcap series of explosions, farts and scientific experiments gone wrong with an emphasis on humor and silliness, but with a subtle undercurrent of science.

Pedro and Frank get into a variety of science-based scrapes including: chased by new species in an abyss, booting the moon into outer space, enlarging viruses into monsters and constructing the world's largest light bulb.

Complementing the two main characters are Hector and Hugo, two brainy, pompous sheep ticks that live on Frank's head.

The ticks are always trying to get the better of each other and serve as the musical accompaniment of each episode.

The episodes were co-written by Cooper and The Brothers McLeod, characters were designed by Greg McLeod and the voices supplied by Simon Greenall and Myles McLeod (the latter as the voice of Frank and Hugo).

Animation writer-director team The Brothers McLeod are known for their viral successes on YouTube (SPAMLAND) and the little ninja FUGGY FUGGY (MTV).