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SIGGRAPH News: Kaydara Integrates FBX Format Into Discreet And Newtek Products

This week at SIGGRAPH 2002, 3D animation software developer Kaydara,Inc. has announced that both Discreet and NewTek products willsupport Kaydara's FBX file format. Discreet will integrate supportfor FBX into upcoming versions of its 3D animation and visual effectssoftware, including 3ds max, inferno, flame and flint. FBX is a 3Dfile interchange format that allows for the universal interchange of3D data between every major 3D package and a number of second-tierapplications. "Discreet is excited by the numerous opportunitiesafforded by the FBX format," said Phillip Miller, vice president ofDiscreet Animation Products Group. "The addition of FBX compatibilitywithin 3ds max 5 gives animators the ability to easily exchange 3Ddata with the upcoming releases of flame and inferno as well as otheranimation solutions." In a separate announcement, Kaydara Inc. andNewTek Inc. announced the full integration of the FBX format intoLightWave 3D, NewTek's 3D animation, modeling, texturing andrendering tool. For more information about Kaydara FBX,