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SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival 2009 Call for Entries

SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival 2009 Call for SubmissionsDeadline: March 4, 2009

The SIGGRAPH 2009 Computer Animation Festival call for Submissions are here.

For the Computer Animation Festival's Multicultural Representations and Visualizations call for submissions they are seeking works that showcase the wealth of cultures and diversity through the use of computer graphics. A unique medium that is able to reach beyond boarders, beyond languages to audiences, filmmakers, students and researchers worldwide.

-- Feature Films-- Animations-- Shorts-- Music Videos-- Cultural Heritage Visualizations-- Student Projects-- Research Projects-- Games

You are also encouraged to submit a proposal for a Talk or a Panel about your work.

For the Computer Animation Festival's Real-Time Rendering program, we are seeking cutting-edge examples of video games and real-time simulations and graphics that push the boundaries of what users and viewers have come to expect. Accepted work will be shown live, in real time on a PC, Macintosh, or game console. While they expect many entries to be games that have been released in 2009 calendar, they also encourage submission of non-commercial projects such as:

-- Game explorations-- Student game projects -- Mathematical or other industrial simulations-- Research projects-- Real-time artist explorations-- New use of pioneering technology-- Scientific visualizations: medical science, astrophysics, astronomy, physical science

You are also encouraged to submit a proposal for a Talk or a Panel about your work.

The festival is also looking to curate into the festival works that are either to be completed after the official deadline for the festival or submissions that simply cannot be missed, so keep that in mind as we move forward to next year's festival.

Visual Music is a genre in which music and images interact in unique and imaginative ways. Since the birth of animation, artists and filmmakers have looked to music for creative guidance. The Computer Animation Festival presents the best artworks that combine music and images, whether created by solo filmmakers or as part of a collaboration, to showcase the wide range of approaches and achievements in Visual Music.

The program includes a mix of invited works and works selected from juried submissions. The complete list of Visual Music work will be available in May.

You are also encouraged to submit a proposal for a Talk or a Panel about your film, or about other topics of interest to the animation festival.

The Computer Animation Festival is celebrating its 36th year as an internationally renowned forum for presentation of the world's most innovative and stimulating computer-generated animated films. The festival also offers a wide spectrum of genres: narrative animation, medical visualizations, video game and simulations demonstrated in real-time, music videos, promotional spots, and many others can be seen in one location over the course of five days. If you can only attend one animation festival this year, SIGGRAPH 2009 is the must-see event. For its second year in a row, the festival is open to the general public in addition to conference attendees.

The festival proudly presents cutting-edge, short- and long-form films that have been created or enhanced by the use of digital imaging tools. The films combine interesting stories, characters, and/or experimental subject matter with engaging graphics that draw the audience into both the subject and the image. The films may contain elements of live action or other components besides those created with a computer, but as the whole, they reveal a portal into the world of moving digital images.

The festival presents both Competition Films and Invited Films. Invited films are selected by committee rather than by submission.

For SIGGRAPH 2009, the animation festival is introducing two new sections: Real-Time Rendering, devoted to work produced interactively in real time; and Visual Music, which includes music visualizations and other artworks that combine music and images into a captivating multi-sensory experience. We are also emphasizing music videos.

Presentations and discussions on the process of creating films, behind-the-scenes developments, virtual tools, production-related art, and related subjects are offered in the Computer Animation Festival's presentation rooms. Retrospectives and documentaries about computer graphics visionaries and their tools are also featured.

This year the festival's presentations and discussions will have a special focus on digital archiving: the history of archiving and current methods of preserving visual elements such as film and video.

The Competition Films section of the Computer Animation Festival is an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences qualifying festival for the Best Animated Short Film award.

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