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Sideshow Spotlights New TV Series Arrest & Trial

Sideshow, a New York post-production and visual design studio, has finished a series of promo spots for the new syndicated TV crime series ARREST & TRIAL. Sideshow delivered two 15-second and 10-second teasers, three 30-second promotional spots and 4 15-second versions of the same. In addition, the company is working on a 30-second Jumbo-tron spot for use in Times Square and other outdoor viewing venues. The show is a reality-based crime series from LAW AND ORDER creator Dick Wolfe and produced by Studios USA. The 30 and 15-second spots open with a spent silver bullet casing dropping to the floor in slow motion. Gradually the pace is sped up in a montage revealing the show's themes -- re-enactments of real crime, detective-work, actual arrests and taped trial segments. "Studios USA came to us because they knew we could handle the entire project from creative concepts, design and production to visual effects and editing, all in a timely manner," said Sideshow president Scott Mantel. "We built sets, shot the live-action film elements and combined it into a cohesive visual design that has real impact and shows in a few seconds what the programs will offer. We realized that doing all of this in a reality-based manner, shooting it ourselves, would deliver what was needed." Sideshow Post crew consisted of creative director Scott Mantel, executive producer Mike McCall, senior designer and art director Jie Shen and director Tim Miller.

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