Sideshow Motion Design Livens Up Olympic NBC Coke Ads

Sideshow Motion Design has created 81 20-second promotional spots for NBC and Coca Cola to highlight the Summer Olympic Games. The ads utilize still photos of over 40 athletes in a moving fashion evocative of gold photo albums. Jie Shen designed and directed the commercials. "Our client, NBC, saw the importance of collaborating with Coke and wanted to do something with still photography and bring it life with an emotional wallop," said Sideshow president Scott Mantel. "This campaign shows Jies talents off beautifully. With all the changes were undertaking this summer, Im glad we were able to get this one under the belt." Shen said, "Our main challenge was to come up with a design that would be classy and effective. We paced it all to the music NBC provided, lending the spots simplicity and drama. It was wonderful working with so much gold, the color of the Olympics. We used flashing between frames and high contrast elements to provide it all with a low key, graceful sense of action, of power and speed."

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